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Keep Slinging Spells with Wildfire Eternal [XLN]

Standard BRG (Jund) Midrange Tempo



Wanna fling spells for free? This deck is for you! This deck is built around Wildfire Eternal, a card that has discussed minimal to none across mtg community. This time, I am attempting to build a deck around him using Jund Colors. Building around him is tricky for one, you do want him to get through to cast your free spell and two, you force your opponent to block and do your combat tricks while losing 4 life. it is not necessary to put big spells just for wildfire eternal but imho, you should put spells that will benefit him. Anyway, lets break it down:

  • Servant of the Conduit - essentially a ramp spell that does the mana fixing for you.

  • Rhonas the Indomitable - the god that pumps our wildfire eternal. making him attack or block is easy in this deck thanks to the big guys below.

  • Gonti, Lord of Luxury - another spellslinger that disrupts your opponent's tempo. His deathtouch is feared by dinosaurs, gearhulks and hydras.

  • Verdurous Gearhulk - it also pumps our wildfire eternal that forces your opponents to block it losing 4 damage per turn. also it pumps the rest of our creatures too.

  • Samut, Voice of Dissent - he gives haste to everybody enabling our wildfire eternal to cast spells quick for free.

  • Noxious Gearhulk - another big guy that serves as a removal and a lifegainer. menace is a bonus too.

  • Lightning Strike - your spell against small aggressive creatures. Also, it can be your combat trick when someone blocks your wildfire eternal.

  • Invigorated Rampage - I think this is the best pump spell to support wildfire eternal. You can pump him before combat damage resolves for free and cast lightning bolt or another invigorated rampage for more damage.

  • Doomfall - another underrated modal spell that exiles either a card or another creature in the battlefield.

  • Sweltering Suns - still with aggressive creatures in this current metagame, a timely sweeper can change the course of the game...even wildfire eternal survives on this.

  • Painful Lesson - your card drawing mechanism...or it can be a finishing move.

  • Vraska's Contempt - the best removal in standard right now. Although its expensive, it removes almost all things...even the gods too.

  • Rishkar's Expertise - any expertise is always nice to cheat with wildfire eternal and this card is no exception. it reloads your hand and cast any spell above for free.

  • Hazoret's Undying Fury - I will give this card a chance to shine. This is a gambling card that makes or breaks the game for you. With the selection of cards above, you can make crazy things with it...with a cost!

  • Harsh Scrutiny - although its not a good spell to sling with, you can eliminate threats early and dig for more answers.

Sideboards? Coming Soon!

That's all I got so far. This deck is still in the process of tweaking. Any comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms are very welcome and also +1s. For more shenanigan decks feel free to look and comment below:

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