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keep* Modern Simic Graveyard Control




Enchantment (1)

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  • 2x Laboratory maniacs

The goal of this deck is to fill up your own graveyard with creatures that pump up other creatures which hit your opponent hard for life.

Turn 1: Play Enclave Cryptologist
Turn 2: Level up Enclave Cryptologist - Draw, Discard or play Kiora's Follower
Turn 3: Draw, Discard, play Civilized Scholar or Splinterfright
Turn 4: Draw, Discard, play Nemesis of Mortals
Turn 5: Draw, Discard, play Ghoultree
Turn 6: Play Booby Trap (alternate win condition)

(Mainboard these cards plus 4 cards from sideboard)
1x Booby Trap
3x Ghoultree
4x Kiora's Follower
2x Nemesis of Mortals
2x Splinterfright
3x Tracker's Instinct
(Recommended to add)
3x Fog
1x Judge's Familiar

Fog: against aggro
Essence Scatter: against aggro
Simic Charm: against aggro, removal
Mana Leak: against aggro, anti-counterspell removal
Plasm Capture: against aggro, removal
Judge's Familiar: misc. counterspell
Negate: anti-counterspell removal
Mulch: guard against burn, mana problems
Natural End: artifact/enchantment removal
Naturalize: artifact/enchantment removal


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I forgot that I had 4 of laboratory maniac and have now added them to my deck.


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