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Keep an Eye-On the Scion

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Keep an Eye-On the Scion, because if he swings, the game is over! The goal is to put out Scion of the Ur-Dragon as fast as possible and use his ability to make him a copy of Moltensteel Dragon. Then, since you have 40 life in EDH, you pay enough life to make Scion a 21/4 and swing for game. It only takes 21 general damage to lose, so as long as I have enough red mana and life to give him +17/0, I win. Please comment and rate! And yes, I do realize that I am running almost every dual land from revised and ravnica, and almost every fetch, so understand that this is a very long-term project. Also, this deck is designed mainly for 1 on 1 games, which is what my group plays.


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I found a name that I like for the deck, but mostly this update is to get a new page of comments. Anyway, I made some minor changes to the build, the main change being the removal of some of the ramp. I have play tested this deck hundreds of times, and the ramp that I had originally works more than well enough to make the added ramp unnecessary. This made room for some of the new cards coming out, so I'm rather content with the changes. Comments are greatly appreciated, feel free to throw out any suggestions you may have!

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