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my deck was a copy of Commanding bearforce one but i didn't enjoy playing whit it as it was to slow on my takes probebly the version of bearforce one now is pretty stable but stil i wanted to go my own way whit it. the first change of my deck is already the commander becous Kaysa gives me the opportunity to do much more than giving my creatures flash and untaping my land. as for that i m stil struggling whit the deck to develop further as i don't find what lays in my path

about the deck: i find it being more forward than other decks fun oldschool cards whitout ability's almost that try to get there way trough my opponent lifepoints. ( this deck is a casual deck and wil stay casual. and fun.)


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as i come forward to my deck i am debating of releasing these cute cards from the deck for others Epic Struggle : no idea to replace yet. can't get 20 creatures on the board before turn 28 so boardwipes wil make this deck vunerable. don't know why people play this in a bear edh.

Door of Destinies : i kinda find the card a bit underwhelming in this deck. the counters can't be doubled whit Primal Vigor and for how much bears i play its going to give me a big bulls mark on my head. my change i think would be a Vanquisher's Banner

Words of Wilding : no idea to replace yet. as poorly as i see this card and want it to be in my deck i got to less draw power to do a thing whit this. thats why this card poorly can't be in my deck. for flavor yes ... for actualy being able to play stuff ... no...


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