4 Colour control deck focusing on taking advantage of the advantage granted by the commander letting us stay ahead on land drops compared to opponents. This then can give us mana to drop into Sphinx's Revelation , Nin, the Pain Artist targeting Katie, and other mass draw effects.

The deck likes to operate at instant speed using Alchemist's Refuge as its key card. Holding up any interaction and then casting its support pieces like ramp spells at the end of opponents turns if we have spare mana.

There are two win conditions in the deck, Approach of the Second Sun being one of the simpler ones to pull off by tutoring for it and then getting it off the top again with a Dig Through Time or similar effect. The other win condition being the infinite mana combo in your attack step with Ley Weaver + Maze of Ith that you then use to untap the Arch of Orazca or another way to draw your deck to then use the Blue Sun's Zenith to deck each opponent in turn.


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