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Kaseto's Slithery Sneks

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Here's a quick primer about playing Kaseto, Orochi Archmage, death noodles. This is a "Tribal Deck" which uses tribal synergies to support and obscure the true game plan. There is a strong flavor focus, so if that's not your thing, you probably won't like this as much.

This deck is relatively budget It has a few notable exclusions, but on the whole it is a great deck to put together for cheap. Cavern of Souls only recently went in and it was fine without it.

This game plan is voltron. Kasteo, with his capacity to self-pump and become unblock-able is very capable of achieving the magic 21.

The key cards for the voltron plan are as follows:

Fireshrieker - Double damage is good, use this.

Illusionist's Bracers - This just gets silly. It makes your clock so fast it's gross.

Loxodon Warhammer - This is a concession to my meta, however it definitely pulls it's weight when in other play groups.

Stoneforge Masterwork - This looks to really abuse our tribal sub-theme. It's cheap mana costs make this very efficient with any sort of board.

Sword of the Animist - Balancing your mana is incredibly important in this deck. You want to aim at 1x for every . Being skewed towards one color really hurts this deck.

Nature's Will - Lets you commit more mana to your pumps, as the untap lets you be much more aggresive, whilst retaining the capacity to hold up mana in your opponents turns. It's also really dumb with Fireshrieker.

Plasm Capture - So this is another weird on, but when you realize how dirty it is when you use the extra mana to pump, and go for a kill.

Aqueous Form - Lets you attack with Kaseto without committing any mana to pumps.

Tribal Synergies

Urza's Incubator - Makes everything cheaper, including kaseto. Pretty important, as my meta watches this deck very carefully, and is very willing to kill Kaseto, over and over again.

Orochi Hatchery + Shisato, Whispering Hunter - Pretty much a way to make someones life hell.

Door of Destinies - Passive pumps are very powerful with Kaseto, as they free up your mana for fun thing's. Also makes tokens way better.

Seshiro the Anointed - Very powerful on his own, and can provide an alternate path to victory if your meta is chill.

Obelisk of Urd - It's a handy card and very budget friendly.

Notable Exclusions

Belbe's Portal - It's proven to mana inefficient in the past. The creature count is quite low, and a good portion of them are relatively cheap anyway.

Coat of Arms - Not safe for my meta. I don't gain enough from it, compared to what i risk giving to other players.

Additions worth making (Most of these are a bit more expensive and less budget friendly).

Sakura-Tribe Scout - It's good, I just don't have one yet.

Lotus Cobra - As soon as I get one it goes in.

Champion's Helm - It goes in once I get one.

Exploration - Gotta go fast - looking to get one of these to.

There are none of the infect snakes, it's just not something I want to run.

A rough game plan

Mulligans - We want 3-4 lands with both of our colors. Cards like Kodama's Reach are also of high value.

Early game - We ramp. If the meta includes someone trying to be very broken fast we hold up counter magic or removal. Stoneforge Masterwork is never played now. It's to powerful to risk playing it on curve, and there is little worth in such a play, as you wont have the creatures..

Mid game - Kaseto comes down some time around here. Reading the table is a must, as we cannot afford to have him removed to much. Continuing to ramp is also still going on, and some larger draw effects should also be looked for. Finally be ready to play hard control. This is to make up for the fact that you have creatures that are not designed to block.

Late game - Start taking heads off. Go for people liable to disrupt your board, or anyone who you know to be dangerous. Also depending on the size of the table, taking the role of headhunter can be a good way to make friends (i.e. kill the player who's causing problems). Just don't make it clear you can one hit if avoidable, as it makes people nervous.

Final Thoughts - Play this deck if you want something unique, that looks to steal wins. There are plenty of ways to upgrade it, in particular the mana base, upgrades to ramp and better interaction.



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