A delicious triggerfest that Karametra will surely forget...

Karametra: "Wow! You have cast a Whitemane Lion! Amazing!! I will reward you with land of your choice."

Doctor: "She doesn't seem to remember you have cast Whitemane Lion three times already. I'm sorry to say she seems to have a short term memory problem... Do you still have mana open? Try it again"

Karametra: "Wow! You have cast a Whitemane Lion! That's amazing!! Here is a land as a reward..."

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Hello, and welcome to my Karametra build,


After several failed attempts of trying to squeeze Karametra into an existing deck, it became clear that she deserved a deck of her own. I ended up using a lot of cards I already had lying around. It feels great to put these cards to good use :).

Game Plan

This is a gimmicky Selesnya Storm triggerfest value deck. The goal of the deck is to be in a position where I can play a creature like Whitemane Lion over and over again, gaining a lot of lands via Karametra. Many other cards are in the deck to expand this value-engine:

  • There are a bunch of cards in here which trigger whenever you cast a creature spell. Some, like Beast Whisperer , will draw you a lot of cards. Others, like Oketra's Monument , net you tokens, and there are a bunch of other benefits we can reap from cards in this category.
  • Landfall cards add to the triggerfest, as we get a land with every creature cast through Karametra. Most of the landfall cards generate tokens, like Emeria Angel for example, but there are other perks in this category as well.
  • Cards that reduce the cost of Whitemane Lion, like Cloud Key , increase the amount of times you can recast it. I really like these type of cards in this deck: they both serve as ramp cards to get your commander out early (while not relying on the limited supply of lands in the library) but are also relevant late game to create a big storm count.
  • Mana doublers like Mirari's Wake also get you more creature casts per turn.
  • Seedborn Muse lets you cast the Lion on your opponent’s turns as well
  • Lastly, Amulet of Vigor and Lotus Cobra make it so our karametra-granted lands generate mana right away, also helping our cause of resummoning our Whitemane Lion from its shiny yellow portal over and over again...

Long-term benefits

Eventually, the deck tries to win with an army of pumped creatures. We can get an army of tokens via one of the cards that spawn tokens with a trigger, like God-Eternal Oketra . Then, the deck runs a few ways to make our army bigger before swinging ftw!

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Other way to win is to add Aetherflux Reservoir to our whitemane lion portal-fest.

I enjoy that this deck can play out as an average selesnya goodstuff deck, but with a chance of really getting out of control, resulting into ridiculous board states. And in a few cases into a combo win via Aluren + Whitemane Lion + Aetherflux Reservoir . I really like this element of suprise in decks to keep them fun to pilot on the long run (what will happen this time..?).

A home for the Rector

Academy Rector is a card that I've put in several decks, but I also ended up removing it in each instance. I was looking for a place where it can really shine. With this deck I'm having another go, as it includes a few expensive key enchantments for the value engine to really take off. Zendikar Resurgent seems to be the clear winner, with Primeval Bounty as a close second. Then it can also grab Aluren if we can close out the game with it.

enter image description here

To enable the rector I've tried to incorporate a few cards that can sac him: like Evolutionary Leap and High Market . To this end I also really like Cataclysmic Gearhulk in this deck. With Karametra being an enchantment, you have a lot more options when picking your permanents.

Intented Power Level

This deck started as a fun triggerfest idea but has accidentally become one of my most powerful decks. It is synergistic and has a lot of different interactions, but all paths ultimately end up in a similar combo finish. It is currently a bit too strong for my playgroup, but I don't mind having one deck that's a bit more edgy ;). I do think this deck could be pushed further and enter the competitive level (check Goretast's list if you want to explore that route).

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Power Level:


Closing Thoughts

These are some fun synergies/sequences I have found so far:

Let me know if you have some tips! Also, feel free to upvote the deck if you liked it.

GL & HF,


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