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Karametra God of Goodstuffs

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Hey there everyone. I thought I'd post my Karametra list to get some feedback on it.

The deck started off as Tolsimir Wolfblood and has slowly evolved into this list over the past 3 years. I've been swapping a few cards in and out every week or so to try and this is the current iteration.

I know the deck lacks early ramp but it's tough to make cuts when you love every card lol. The general game plan is to slowly start building a board state starting when karametra hits the field. From there it's basically a steamroller that's hard to stop. Multiple sources of recursion and high value creatures just make it tough to interact with once I get set up.

I'm also in the process of foiling the deck completely so I came here hoping for some last minute advice on cards before I finish. Any and all criticism is welcome. Card choices, combos I'm not aware of, lines of play that are not so obvious, anything is welcome :)

My current playgroup has the whole range of decks: from straight precons to tuned animar crushing dreams. So I'm shooting for competitive but not oppressive. I want to be able to hang with the big boys but not make friends not wanna play.

Thanks in advance!


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-1 Courser of Kruphix-1 Baneslayer Angel-1 Mind's Eye

+1 Sterling Grove+1 Early Harvest+1 Vorinclex, the Voice of Hunger


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