My old EDH deck I haven't played in years and am getting back at it.

After a dozen or so games I think the power level is great for my new playgroups.

The philosophy of this deck is:

  • (Turn 1-4) Ramp and deal with other player's early enablers. If I know there is a deck in the pod that is looking to combo I keep my peepers peeled for good interaction. e.x. a board wipe or a Krosan Grip a perfect opening would include a Sakura-Tribe Elder and a Yavimaya Elder with a Grip and a BSZ as backup.

  • (Turn 5-9) By this point I should be able to drop a threat, or get an engine going (Sheoldred is good if there has been a board wipe, as is a birthing pod)

  • (Turn 10+) By now the value of using my graveyard as a second hand should be taking over the game. If it gets to turn 12+ I'll start looking for a way to win. Oftentimes it will be a Tooth and Nail for a combo of some sort. I try to not combo win the game unless I am looking down the barrel of a gun. I'd always prefer to win with combat damage.



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