"Karador My Wayward Son,

There'll be graves when you are done.

Lay your creatures down to rest,

Let them rise some more."

Karador has always been one of my favorite Commanders and I recently decided to build him for the second time after taking apart the first incarnation about a year ago. With this deck, I'm looking to see things hit my graveyard and do disgusting things to my opponents with them....and then again and again and again until my army from the dead reigns supreme. I decided to pay more attention to CMC in this list, since I didn't understand how insane Birthing Pod was in here until I decided to start building it again (When I built it the first time, I was kinda new to Commander), but other than that, this is your typical list lead by everyone's favorite cemetery loving Centaur Spirit Ghost Thing.

As always, I'm looking for any and all suggestions, comments, etc about what I could do to make this deck even better. :)




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I knew I wanted to build another EDH deck, and this has always been my favorite commander that I have built, so I figured it was time to resurrect my Centaur friend to do even more disgusting things to dead creatures than ever before.


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