If your opponents are playing something they better be paying something. Kambal is all about taxing every action your opponents make while clearing the board for you to tax the reset. Running the sanguine bond/defiant bloodlord and exquisite blood infinite combo of drain life. Have the aetherflux as a backup wincon/revenge kill. Any tips to make this deck faster or more efficient would be greatly appreciated!


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Took out hand hate in the form of Castigate and Sin Collector because they didn't really fit the idea of the deck and didn't really get me much value. Also took out Torment of Scarabs and Tresspassers Curse because of the single target nature it usually just pulls more aggro than I would like for the minimal impact on them. Added in Kokusho because draining each opponent for 5 and gaining 15-20 life just feels good, especially attached to a 5/5 flyer. Added Executioners Swing as a removal replacement for Castigate. I also like the political opportunities this card gives. Being able to grin and say you don't want that to damage me is always fun for me. Added Debt to the Debtless and I really don't know how I skipped over this one while putting this deck together. Added Sorin, Grim Nemesis. +1 is card draw with attached damage, +2 is removal via drain, and if the table let's me ult him I should have a game finishing amount of tokens. Just great value.

Cards in the maybe board are cards I'm considering and cards in the side board will be ones I plan on switching in whenever I purchase them and figure out what to swap. Thanks for the help so far!


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