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Kambal is the one who knocks (B/W Primer)

Commander / EDH Control Lifegain Primer Tokens W/B (Orzhov)




Orzhov Archetype "Kambal is the one who knocks"


Hello, and welcome to my archetypal B/W deck! As the person who makes the deck in my group of friends, my duty is to make it to run well with everyone's play style. I've made this one as an Orzhov-like deck. It removes things, drain life, summon tokens and can be really annoying when the player wants. I made this deck with the cards I already had, already knowing there are some cards that can do the job better so I'll leave any useful comment and recomendation in the maybeboard for future reference. Don't worry abput what I may know, every help is welcome.

"So Jedz, why not Teysa, Ayli or Karlov?"Did you really looked at Kambal eyes? His stance? He is mafioso Danny Trejo, for Athreos' sake! Not only that, his ability of "taxing" the enemies when they don't play creatures is our first Pay Wall in the deck. I choose to not focus in only one strategy used by this colors, instead we're going to do a little of everything:

  • Pay walls and hindering cards, as an usual Death & Taxes
  • Token generators and cards to sacrifice them, as in B/W Token Sac
  • General hand disruption, board wipes and removal; a common place in B/W
  • Lifegain/lifedrain, the one-two of Extort decks

So, choose your wincon! Want to swarm your enemies with ghosts and gob- I mean, soldier? Go ahead. Make him pay life and mana until they ask for a coup de grace? All yours. Dreaming about drink your friends blood with a milkshake straw? While you do this only in the game, it's fine!

    The ((not even fair))Political Machine

Cards that drain life of the enemy or just give us some life. The user of this deck loves to be a meat wall and delay the game until the 15th turn or so.

Sacrifice, destroy and exile! A set of cuties to give board control and hinder the enemies.

If removals gives you control of what exists, discards gives control of your enemies strategies. You can take out threats and have a insight in the enemy's plan at the same time.

Just as in a B/W Token deck, tokens will be your infantry, cannon fodder and sacrificial lamb.

Death & Taxes gave us our champions, the paywalls! Cards that make our enemies action cost more mana, life or creatures. Some of them will even hinder the enemy, tapping creatures and lands while they enter.

Some cards that help me around, giving me recursion or a faster way to the top.

We need to pay for all of this. Lands and stones will generate mana and some of them will even buff our creatures or give us life, while the draw allows us to speed up our game.

I choose these colors for two main reasons. The first is, to become a meat wall while being active in the game, this is your best choice. WU is more focused in control, WR isn't that efficient, GW needs creatures. BW is one of the most efficient mixes that we can have to gain life while we do something. Second because I really like the Orzhov, and Kambal just looks like Danny Trejo.

And as a bonus we have this:

: Here we have every kind of removal, passive lifegain, protections and some of the best token-maker cards.
: Not only creature and land removal, with black I can disrupt the game before it becomes to dangerous and speed up my game using sacrifice and life to pay for card draw.

While you can mantain board control, disrupt and transform every opportunity your friends see in a way for them to pay the tithe for you, this can easily make all the players to focus on you. This deck can't really deal with creature heavy decks, like Marchesa or Ezuri Mono-G, or decks wich interact too much with their graveyard. And burn, by the way. Usually they can deal damage enough to pay the lifegain.

On the other hand, with enough skill and well-timed discards and removals you can turn the game back in your favor even against a burn/swarm goblin deck. And while graveyards can be used against you, once in the battlefield, they will need to pay the toll for you.

And yes, in some awkward way, you are the troll under the bridge

When trying to decide for a mullingan keep your plan in mind. If you're fighting against a slow deck, maybe more focused in the late game as you, try to get 3 lands and some paywall. Removals and tokens against creature decks and never forget that a good opening hand can help you more than "I'll get the land by 3rd turn".

The optimal hand for this deck is 3 lands, 2 lifegain, 1 token, 1 removal or disrupt. With this you can deal with almost anything they throw at you while getting ahead in your game. If you need to mull, try to get at least one or two draws and 2 lands.

Get Kambal, Consul of Allocation as fast as you can on the board. While you do this remember to remove only things that will become to dangerous to deal with, this deck plays the Political Commander Game so a way to not get focused is to not mess with anyone while you draw and create some tokens.

If someone try to mess with you, remove their creatures or drain his life. The Stick'n Candy is actually one of the best action courses to take in a multiplayer game.

If you're playing duel, remove anything they play. Mess with their game if you can. If you can't, keep your cool and trust in Kambal. Build your manabase and wait, don't play anything that cost life for now.

At this point I try to have my defenses up, and at least one of my paywalls ready. The other players will usually stop bother you, or focus on taking Kambal down. Use this to build more walls and tokens, don't stop the hit'n removal and you'll be just fine.

If you're with enough life ((between 40-50)) try to play Felidar Sovereign, everybody will focus in taking him down. While a easy thing to remove, they'll get careless and open their defenses.

Trade your tokens

They are in this deck to die. That's the ugly truth. Sac them, use them as meat shield, unleash a kamikaze all-in to deal some damage. That's why they're there, is the reason they exist.

Make alliances

In multiplayer games choose someone you can deal after the 10th turn and be nice to him/her. If they attack you, hit them HARD and stop, usually your target will focus on other players and you'll be able to focus on build up your game.

Give them no quarter

In duels, or in late multiplayer games, don't give them time to react. Usually they'll stop growing for some turns when building up an attack, so you hit them enough to make them think about life and choices.

Everytime, everywhere and in any way your sick mind can think. Take life, mana or creatures. Never allow them to hit or play without losing something. If your paywalls aren't with you yet, remove their cards and drain life. This will be enough to remember them who is the one who knocks.

Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant: Life for every creature that enters the battlefield. Suture Priest will not only give life when we use our tokens, but will damage the enemy for they playing theirs. Drana's Emissary and Palace Siege will give a constant passive lifedrain, and never forget our Pontiff of Blight giving Extort to all our creatures.Alhammarret's Archive will double all our lifegain and drain

Baneslayer Angel, Wurmcoil Engine, Divinity of Pride , Vampire Nighthawk and Gisela, the Broken Blade will be our heavy hitters. Almost everybody here have evasion, allowing constant draining.

Exsanguinate is our happy card, duel or multiplayer, this card shines dealing a lot of damage and giving us life. Defiant Bloodlord and Blood Tribute allow us some sweet OHKO and good interactions with our cards.I'm gonna replace them for Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond when I get the cards. Survival Cache will give us life and usually some draw at least once. Blood Tithe is a placeholder for Debt to the Deathless

Both the Elspeths are here since they can generate tokens, life and anthem while having a board wipe. Lingering Souls can give us creatures even when discarded, Spectral Procession have a great value for three flying creatures. Timely Reinforcemnts can save you after a board wipe or when your enemy get the upper hand.

Angel of Invention fills not only as tokenmaker but also as anthem and lifedrainer! Raise the Alarm is placeholding Sorin BW ((didn't decide which one yet)). Luminarch Ascension give us tokens after our paywalls are ready. Call the Bloodline is a placeholder for Bitterblossom and Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts is a funny protective card that I keep in the deck for usefulness and cool.

Grasp of Darkness, Angelic Purge and Anguished Unmaking allow me to destroy important things in the battlefield. Geth's Verdict and Barter in Blood allow me to take out hexproof/shrouded creatures. Day of Judgement is a cheap board wipe, Hellkite Overlord allows me to mass remove enchantments and artifacts, Fumigate gives life while cleanse the battlefield and Descent upon the Sinful and In Garruk's Wake destroy all creatures giving me something to defend myself.

Ghostly Prison will usually be our early-mid game most efficient barrier. Blood Seeker along with Bloodchief Ascension and Thalia, Heretic Cathar can hold off creature-based decks for some time.Contamined Ground and Blood Reckoning are here as placeholders to Norn's Annex and Painful Quandary.

Alsmot everything uses our extra life to give us cards. Read the Bones, Sign in Blood and Succumb to Temptation will give their one time boost. Promise of Power will give you a lot of cards and if played in the right time, a monstrous demon under your service. Greed and Underworld Connections will give you a steady stream of cards, but be careful to not waste too much life and become vulnerable.

Sun Titan will give us some recursion, with chance to restore us our fetch lands. Felidar Sovereign work us both a Bolt-bait and fast wincon. Diabolic Tutor will give us whatever we need in a pinch.


Darksteel Ingot, Pristine Talisman and Darsteel Ingot will help us to fix our mana output or boost it. Cryptolith Fragment  Flip and Skull Ramos will do the work while I can't get a Sol Ring and an Orzhov Signet

Since I'm running a lot fewer disrupts in the deck I choose to run cards that disrupt everybody ( Tasigur's Cruelty and Liliana's Specter or that discards a lot of times and give us something as extra ( Liliana's Reaver and Hypnotic Specter )

Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds and Ash Barrens are our fetch lands. Esper Panorama and Naya Panorama are here as placeholders to Marsh Flats and Myriad Landscape.

will boost our mana output, Reliquary Tower is always a fine choice to have. Dread Statuary give us a extra creature in a pinch and Geier Reach Sanitarium will give us some draw

I'll be trading the basic lands for dual lands as I get new cards. Kabira Crossroads will give me some life, while Bojuka Bog can take out someone's graveyard. And, my always favorite, the cycle lands are here too. Draw, just as life, is never too much

A funny and easy to play deck, with loss of consistence and pressure. Try for yourself, modify it and feel free comment and give suggestions! And remember all of your friends and opponents who is the danger.



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