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I love this deck cos it's trolly and budget as fuck. It doesn't work twice in a row though. Here's how to play it.

Turn 1-3: Sit and play your land per turn. That's it. If someone looks at you quizzically complain about bad drawing or something.

Turn 4: Play Kaho, Minamo Historian , and exile Mystical Tutor, Frantic Search and Counterspell under her ass

Turn 5: You can't do shit this turn. Just hope no-one attacks you or tries to remove/bounce Kaho. If any spell that would effect her gets cast, you can counter it, but you have to wait an additional round to do turn six.

Turn 6: Assuming Kaho is untapped and has gotten over her summoning sickness, say "on (insert player name here)'s endstep, I cast Mystical Tutor by tapping Kaho, to tutor for Mana Severance." Start your turn, untap your shit, draw Mana Severance and cast it. Exile every card in your library except 2. Then cast Frantic Search, discarding 2 land, and draw the last 2 cards in your library: Thought Scour and Laboratory Maniac. Cast Laboratory Maniac for 3, and then perform amateur lobotomy on some poor bugger to draw a card that's not there and win the game.

Leave a comment on how I could improve it (incidentally, Psychic Spiral doesn't work cos Mana Severance exiles the land instead of milling it).


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