This is a Kaalia of the Vast EDH deck with considerations given to costs and cards that I already have. The concept is rather simple: Use Kaalia to spawn an army of huge creatures and destroy my opponent. I have included a few methods of protecting Kaalia as well though my hope is to cast her early and gain an advantage over my opponent(s). Input is welcome and appreciated.

I added a Maybeboard which mainly consists of cards I have that could find a home in my deck and some of the reccomendations I have recieved thus far for my deck.

For those that are curious I have a version of this deck built with cards I have obtained thus far with other cards I have subbed in for those I don't. If you are curious then by all means check out Kaalia's Vengeance Current Status.

Working on updating with some cards from recent sets taken into consideration. Sitting in maybe board for now. My working version linked above has been updated to account for all changes made to it recently.


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