I love , and M A R D U's one my favorite color combinations.

One thing you definitely need to keep in mind when piloting a Kaalia deck, is protect her. She's been around for awhile so everyone knows what a Kaalia deck seeks to do:drop massive flyers for free and swing for enormous amounts of damage.

People will be gunning for you. Kaalia will have a target on her face and your opponents will more than likely be holding up removal just waiting for you to play her.That can set you back atleast a turn. A hand full of 6-9 drops is useless uness you have the mana or Kaalia. Thats the reason I put in Quicksilver Amulet in as sort of a plan B. You want to be sure you can get her on the board, that's why I dedicated slots specifically for this purpose: 1.Mother of Runes 2.Giver of Runes 3.Grand Abolisher and 4.Pyroblast

Also, once you you have her on the board, you want to make sure she can swing out for her trigger unopposed. You want her to stick. She has evasion; she has flying, but she's a tiny 2/2. Thats why I put cards in to protect her such as

  1. Iroas, God of Victory
  2. Darksteel Plate
  3. Avacyn, Angel of Hope
  4. Sephara, Sky's Blade
  5. Giver of Runes
  6. Mother of Runes
  7. Grand Abolisher
  8. Swiftfoot Boots
  9. Lightning Greaves
  10. Teferi's Protection
  11. Boros Charm
  12. Rogue's Passage
  13. Labyrinth of Skophos and,
  14. Homeward Path (incase someone steals her)

(more descriptive breakdown coming soon) Please leave me comments and suggestions! Upvote too!

Confession: the original duels are actually higher quality proxies, which, my playgroup is fine with and do the same thing, so, its cool.

Cards i need:

The Fetches in the colors.


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