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Kaalia: The Vast and the Furious

Commander / EDH* Angels Demons Dragons RBW (Mardu)


"Driven by a righteous fury and an unholy thirst for revenge, Kaalia broods feverishly, amassing her vast power, waiting to unleash her apocalyptic might upon any who stand in her way." -Wizards

Kaalia of the Vast

Kaalia's ability is powerful but your opponents know this too and will stop at nothing to prevent you from playing or attacking with her. To this end, I employ the following to protect her and get her attacks through:

...with a Stoneforge Mystic to help fetch the appropriate equipment to keep her safe.

Once she's attacking, I can bring out any number of really terrible Angels, Demons and Dragons.

Quicksilver Amulet serves as a backup plan to bring out these expensive creatures for less mana, in case Kaalia's been tossed in my library or is too expensive to recast.

I'm also packing an arsenal of mana rocks to help overcome the lack of ramp in Mardu.

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