I've been wanting to make a Kaalia of the Vast deck for a while now but I want to put more emphasis on Angels! As this is my first time making a Kaalia deck, I would appreciate any suggestions!

BREAKDOWN: Start out early with creatures like Dragonmaster Outcast and Mother of Runes . If they stick around, great, otherwise they draw removal that could cripple your strategy later. One of this decks downfalls is that it is very reliant on its commander to cheat out your big creatures. Kaalia is very vulnerable to removal. That's why giving her haste and protecting her is so crucial. That is why I struggled convincing myself to board out Mother of Runes .

In the event that Kaalia is contained/removed I wanted options to either free her, or not rely on her entirely. That's where Quicksilver Amulet comes in as another way to cheat out my creatures. As Kaalia lacks green in her colors, she misses out on a lot of powerful ramp cards so getting your big creatures out early is crucial. In place of the color specific ramp I opted to use cards that generate a lot of colorless mana to help in ramping to my big creatures in the event they can't be cheated out with Kaalia.

That is where Demonic Tutor and Diabolic Tutor come in. To either tutor up cards to drop with Kaalia of the Vast or your amulet, or key removal and cards to assist in getting your baddies out. Angel of Finality is in there for the graveyard hate, and Iona, Shield of Emeria takes care of the rest.

I like Mimic Vat in here in case your opponents are running a lot of removal or team up to focus you when they see Kaalia hit the board (which tends to happen often). Also late game, if Kaalia has been drawing a lot of removal you could opt to put her into your graveyard instead of the command zone and imprint her onto it. This way you don't have to worry about her dying and you get her ability every turn for 3 mana.

As haste enablers are important for Kaalia, I have several ways for her to gain it. Lightning Greaves, Hall of the Bandit Lord and Olivia, Mobilized for War. When Kaalia hits the board you will usually have the advantage. The best way for your to win is to grow this advantage by limiting the way your opponents can deal with her. Dropping Kaalia and then an Armageddon is devastating, however it draws a lot of hate so that is the only land destruction card I'm running. Sire Of Insanity is also a great card to use, especially for those opponents that like to draw a lot of cards. Most of the cards in this deck are big threats and so your chances of drawing into one is greater than that of most decks you will face.


Kaalia of the Vast and Master of Cruelties. Instant one-shot if left unblocked. Master of Cruelties damage goes through first due to his first strike putting them at 1 life, and then Kaalia does her damage. I would really only use this if you are sure it will go unblocked because Master of Cruelties will be targeted quickly and can only attack alone.

Wrath of God works well to clear your opponents side of the field if used with Archangel Avacyn  Flip , Boros Charm, and Avacyn, Angel of Hope. Cast it and then flash in Avacyn or cast your charm to save your dudes.

Mimic Vat works well with any enters the battlefield affects. Karmic Guide, Rune-Scarred Demon and Bogardan Hellkite are some of my favorites.

Strionic Resonator synergizes well with your commander as it can copy her ability and let you put TWO creatures out with her. This also works amazingly with cards like Utvara Hellkite and Balefire Dragon

So that's my take on a Kaalia deck! I know I need to work on the land base but as far as cards go I'm open to any help. Upvotes are appreciated as well. Thank you!


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