A "75% Power Level" deck for multiplayer that is typical of any Kaalia of the Vast deck; aggro with a side of control. You can find all the expected angels, dragons, and demons alongside common support cards. The win condition is dropping all of your opponents to zero life.

Your go-to strategy is:

  1. Play ramp and a haste enabler in the early turns.
  2. Play Kaalia of the Vast and swing with haste or protect her until your next turn.
  3. Cheat your large and expensive creatures into play to gain value and beat your opponents down.
  4. Control the board through resource denial and removal.

There are nineteen creatures in the deck and only one of them is not an Angel, Demon, or Dragon. Most creatures have a sizable power/toughness and each creature adds value to your side of the battlefield through either control, removal, or card advantage.

There are several tutors and cards to help you draw through your deck and find the correct creature for any given battlefield configuration.


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