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Kaalia was my first EDH deck. She's just a great first stepping stone. A little redundant. But every release I'm hoping for new ETB Angels, Demons, and Dragons. It's a little moulded to my play group, but I think an effective casual-esque deck. Suggestions are welcome.




marduedh says... #1

Seems like you might run into the problem of having a bunch of 8 drops in your hand and no Kaalia. Some more mana rocks would add a lot more consistency.

May 19, 2017 11:50 a.m.

kgrey2 says... #2

marduedh I definitely agree with you. That can and does happen. I used to run Quicksilver Amulet as a Kaalia backup, but it was little lackluster when Kaalia did land and swing or if I didn't have several creatures in hand. I tried to focus on getting Kaalia out as fast as possible and searching up protection for her. I'm working up the courage to buy a Mana Crypt and have yet to add the Chrome Mox I have. What were you thinkng specifically? Also what cards are weak here or could be replaced?

May 19, 2017 5:28 p.m.

marduedh says... #3

kgrey2 I would say definitely get the Mana Crypt. I know it's expensive, but it's worth it. It's the reason my Alesha deck can win on turn 2. I would suggest Thran Dynamo and Worn Powerstone for sure. Dragon Tempest and Armageddon both stick out to me as seeming weak. And while I love graveyard shenanigans as much as the next guy, they seem kinda just thrown in for the hell of it here. Also, you need to work swords to Plowshares in. Because it's swords.

May 25, 2017 1:02 a.m.

kgrey2 says... #4

marduedh Ya I totally agree with the Crypt. It's amazing. I'm definitely re-adding the Quicksilver Amulet, that'll help with mana and as a Kaalia failsafe. I'm considering the Thran Dynamo, but I don't think I'd ever put Worn Powerstone in any deck. Too slow for not enough benefit. Graveyard stuff is for multiplayer and believe me it helps a lot. Especially if you lose something important. I like Swords to Plowshares, but I already run a Path, Swords seems a little counterproductive especially if I'm hitting a big creature. Also once I figure out what I'm gonna switch around for my Chrome Mox I'd rather put in a Terminate or something multicolored if I was gonna add removal.

May 27, 2017 8:10 p.m.

Cyrialis says... #5

Hey, I often have to play against an insanely overpowered kaalia build of a friend of mines, so she is always of interest for me ;).

First of all, gamble with all your graveyard interactions is strong and I am a huge fan of those strategeems. Did you think of including Whip of Erebos? Lifelink haste demons are just SICK. ;) And most people tend to try to remove most of your threats a lot so recurring them to strike the final blow seems like a good idea.

Which brings me to my second question- why so much artifact/enchantment tutoring? most of those cards you can tutor for except with vampiric tutor and it seems much more logical, if you go the tutoring route to add diabolic or the like in addition or in exchange.

-I know it is the play style of the deck, but including at least some sort of wrath Merciless Eviction,Austere Command or the like seems to be a good idea, since more experienced players will DEFINITELY try to get rid of your kaalia (as you surely know). And being behind and then having no chance to clean up the board can really hurt your chances.

From what I can see your deck seems to be solid, especially the mana base. So Upvote I guess ;)Have a nice day!

August 1, 2017 3:24 a.m.

kgrey2 says... #6

Cyrialis Hey! Thanks for the shoutout dude. I totally agree that is a sick card. I do like the lifelink, but I hate the exile. I have been thinking of putting Sneak Attack in there as a second Kaalia and it doesn't hose my reanimate stuff. Just haven't gotten ahold of a copy.

If I get the tutors early enough in the game I immediately tutor for Lightning Greaves and make sure Kaalia sticks. My playgroup has been pretty merciless with her. But if I get them late game I tutor for Quicksilver Amulet to amp up my creature drops or Whispersilk Cloak to make sure I'm dealing damage and getting those triggers. Nothing like a Hellkite Tyrant or Lord of the Void getting their triggers reliably.

I do really agree about the wraths. They have circulated in and out a few times, they're just a little situational. I think you're absolutely right though.

I've been toying with the idea of land destruction like Armageddon or Ruination. It's a wincon when Kaalia is up and running and it can buy me necessary time if she's being picked on. Do you see anything specifically weak you'd get rid of?

Thanks again for the advice and comment.

August 1, 2017 10:03 a.m.

Cyrialis says... #7

kgrey2 :/ it is a bit too linear for me sometimes. But that also makes it that strong. (says the dude who unironically owns a green creature palooza deck...) sneak attack sounds great but I feel it is in this deck, where you do not have a lot of card draw in general a kind of "win more" card. Since you will most likely have access to kaalia throughout most of the games, most time of the games. Especially if you have a card you can consistently fetch with your tutors already :/

Ahh okay. Sounds really solid. Lord of the Void is just outright terrifying as a card.

Hmm. I think we could discuss for hours on that one. As long as the deck as such works in your group then thats fine. Its true that kaalia actually prefers fewer boardwipes, since she is the one provoking them... One of the things I could recommend though IF you decide to include one I would say Boompile is fun. Why? it hits even planeswalkers, you can tutor for it and answers need to be cast BEFORE flipping the coin, so every body needs to prepare for the worst. and in there is a 50% Chance of it performing as a faster version of the disc and a 75% Chance of it performing as good as.But I just tthrow this out there as a suggestion. For me this card works a boon.

Note: Eiganjo Castle I am a fan of your inclusion, especially with Nyleas Bow as an almost auto include in most green decks this is a quick and dirty answer, if maze of ith is not around. Completely forgot about this card!

If you think of including land hate, why not Decree of Annihilation for its cycling cost? it is instant speed card draw + land hate and almost nobody sees that one coming. I played it every now and then in my Boros Deck beside Armageddon. I think one inclusion is good enough, but tempo wise you should be ahead anyway. I see how this could be devastating, but it feels more like "win more" I dont know if additional attack triggercards wouldnt be better...But for that I would need to playtest this and a bit often, but sadly university gets in the way for the next weeks.

(note: the longer I look at the list the more I like it. especially the additional value the recursion brings. Even though I get the feeling that this gets targeted quite heavily early game.)

Scourge of Kher Ridges - I think there are better cards, there is enough high ground control and the rest shouldnt be too much of a problem for you. This depends on the Match ups I guess, but you already have enough targeted removal and I dont know if the mana isnt spent better otherwise or if you even want to keep mana free for this.

Baneslayer Angel - a strong card and include. I know it is strong. Lifelink, as you also said, is nice... But including additional utility creatures would be better I think. Dragon Mage Could be a nice Addition for more draw.

Hellkite Tyrant - This, as well as the first card I mentoined depends really on your match ups (I have an artifact based Purphoros deck, that probably would hate this cards guts...), but again, feels a lot like win more, since the trigger comes so obvious, that I feel this card just drawing a lot of heat. But alternate Win condition and stealing is nice. Jury is still out on this one.

You have a nice Mana Curve and excellent Manacards, so I dont think here is much to be done, except adding in cards to sideboard or switch for changes in your local meta. Looks REALLY good.

How long did you build on this?

Sorry for the late reply, but university is killing me right now. Have a nice evening. Cyrialis

August 3, 2017 4 p.m.

kgrey2 says... #8

Cyrialis: Hey man thanks for the help and comments, you're bringing some great stuff to the table.

Oh ya for sure. Definitely linear, but I have a couple decks I run. There's just something about Kaalia of the Vast that I love. I agree on Sneak Attack I would still like to add it and see how it runs though I feel like it could help if Kaalia of the Vast is out of commission.

I have never seen Boompile, it is really really cool. I'm so close to adding it. I think it'll definitely be the first wrath I add in if I add any. Great suggestion thanks.

No! Not Scourge of Kher Ridges! I cannot argue against what you said, but this is a toolbox-y deck and he has just been such a lifesaver soooo many times. My group runs goblins and elves sometimes and he literally does more than even the playing field.

I can get behind you with Baneslayer Angel. She was honestly just added as a low-cost value creature in case Kaalia wasn't working out. She is the most vanilla creature in the deck for sure.

I have been really noticing the lack of card draw in this deck and have been eyeing Dragon Mage for a while. He is pretty perfect. I'm just worried that filling up my opponents hand could mean a nasty removal or worse in the long run, but so far he's a for sure include, thanks! Along the same line, what do you think about Wheel of Fortune as more card draw? I have the same worries as before tho..

Also how do you feel about Dark Confidant? Price tag aside.

I really do like Hellkite Tyrant. When he is dropped with Kaalia it is such a devastating surprise on the opposite end. I think in my play group it is very worth it, but I could see it being a sideboard. It's pretty great, I mean I get the artifacts and they don't.

My friends and I have been playing mtg for a year and a half and about two months were spent playing 60 card before we went EDH. So maybe an honest year of realistic adding and dropping. I mean I am still working out the kinks and awaiting any beautiful angels, dragons, and demons that come out.

Seriously thanks for all the help man. What deck do you normally run against your friend's Kaalia deck?

August 9, 2017 8:52 p.m.

Cyrialis says... #9

Hey hey -kgrey2, so heremy late reply: I feel the same. Most decks should work without their commander present, so that should always be a consideration to take.Oversold Cemetery was a card i recently found, it may give you an additional edge btw.

Well. It is a risky card. - If you want a more reliable option -Toxic Deluge gets rid of about anything, my favourite for decks with one or two main creatures is Tragic Arrogance type of effects, so you get to keep the most important stuff ;)

Sooo I have to concede on that point to you, the scourge was a newcomer in my dagon deck and having this much control is actually really important. slight bow to your wisdom

Wheel effects are not for no reason expensive! They are immensely powerful to refill your hand when no fuel is left or in a critical moment to let you dig for answers! (You have some graveyard controls well... so VALUE ;)) Here is the important difference between card draw and card advantage clear. First of all, when yo cast this card you are in most cases out of options, or in need for additional cards, right?Which means from the number of cards and the quality of those cards you will most likely be behindby one or more cards. Wheel effects force everyone to discard and especially against control decks, that want to have more than 7 cards in hand and a bunch of answers this is a wonderful reset to their basically well shaped hand, most opponents will have one or two good cards in ahnd for later situations, so you can get rid of those, too.But also you will get the most use out of this, before anyone else!

The things that make Wheel of Fortune so good are your ability to decide WHEN to use it,discarding your opponents (most likely superior) handsand the fact that it is the most effective for you in most cases.It depends I guess on how bad you need it, but my Boros deck uses quite a bunch of them.

I think instead you can use Staff of Nin and avoid unneccesary damage, the confidant is a very "prestige" and cool card, BUT when you run big creatures, suddenly having the chance to get a minus 6-8 life a turn and maybe randomly killing yourself Cards like this are easy to remove and I am unsure if that is such a good idea if you watn consistency.
Loreseeker's Stone is my favourite card for decks with low handcard avarages.

That sounds about like the same time I am into EDH, the format is just so versatile and fun oriented. :)

Hmm. Most times a mono green Nissa deck The daily recommended dosage of Greens, slightly modified from what is to see there- lots of Gravity Well type of effects and so and so forth ;) my Boros Control deck with Avacyn on the front lines, has been proven quite effective against this type of deck, thanks to lots and lots of answers and removal and a Dimir Deck that focuses going wide with zombies, either milling you out or overrolling you with unblockable threats. ;)

September 20, 2017 11:56 a.m.

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