A test build for Jund in Core Set 2021 standard. As one of my pet decks as of now (since I thoroughly am having fun with playtesting so far), I will update the list constantly with each passing set and each rotation for as long as I remember to do so and work/life does not keep me too occupied. I hope you enjoy the list and its future in the Standard format.


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Best of 1 Play Queue Matches:

  • Rakdos Sac - Win
  • Mono Red - Win
  • Mono White - Win
  • Mono Red - Win
  • Golgari Midrange - Win
  • Jegantha Shrines - Win
  • Mono Red - Win
  • Mono Red - Loss
  • Orzhov Lifegain - Loss
  • Gruul Aggro - Win
  • Mono White Devotion - Win
  • Boros Chandra Tribal - Win

Record: 10 - 2

Each match the play patterns were straightforward, since an initial meta like this is expected, preying on the new players or the experiments. Eliminate, Radha, Heart of Keld, Garruk, Unleashed, and all the other Core Set 2021 cards really showed their potential in these games.

Best of 3 Play Queue Matches:

  • Match 1 vs Grixis Pile: 1-0 - Opponent conceeded after the 1st game. Play patterns were straight forward - attack the hand, deploy a threat, control the board.

  • Match 2 vs Sultai Control: 0-2 - Basically Nissa, Teferi 4, Narset, Uro, Spiral, and Krasis. That's it. Nothing else.

  • Match 3 vs Golgari Sac: 2-1 - Lost game 1 cause of unlucky draws. Game 2 managed to come back cause of Kaervek murdering the board and stabilizing with Vraska after mulligan to 4. Conceeded afterwards. Match win, overall.

  • Match 4 vs UW Yorion: 2-0 - It was a long game but a fun one. MVP was Klothys, being a hard to interact life clock as the game goes on. Managed to deal half the damage all by herself. Liliana was great at resouce denial as well, making us go to the top deck war of attrition. Hard sideboard since we had enough interaction in the main.

  • Match 5 vs Izzet Prowess: 2-0 - Removal suite lined up very well against out opponent. With the cheap spells that came with M21 we can interact to the board much better than previous, effectively clearing out the board state to make room for larger threats. Game 2, all I can say, it was a Massacre.

Total Games: 8 Wins, 2 Losses

Overall the deck really showed what it's capable of an am excited to explore this further with you very soon.


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