Bring your friends, bring your family, pet the dinosaurs!

Come to the


Pet Me
SO CuuuuUUUUUUuuuuuute!!!!

So many amazing dinosaurs to get close and hands-on with at the Jurassic Petting Zoo!
Our biggest attractions are the crowd pleasing, beautiful, and enchanting Carnage Tyrants, fleet-footed Regisaur Alpha, and the King of Ixalan, Gishath, Sun's Avatar.
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Pack hunting mentality brings us a score of vicious raptors for your entertainment! They're SO friendly! Ranging Raptors hunt side by side with Ripjaw Raptors, and they're all lead by a mighty Raging Swordtooth! Rawr!!!
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Let's not forget the cozy, fluffy, feathery, flying friends of Kinjalli's Sunwing. These happy critters like to take it slow, or at least they like when everyone else does!
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Nobody could afford our beautiful dinosaurs without the help of our full-time staff.
Otepec Huntmasters and Kinjalli's Callers help keep our attractions affordable, and the Drover of the Mighty keeps the attractions rolling out on time, every time!
Our president and chief performer Huatli, Warrior Poet is ready to Commune with Dinosaurs and keep the dinosaurs on hand to be pet and loved!
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So many adorable dinosaurs, caring staff, and fun attractions!
Come to The Jurassic Petting Zoo today!
Jurassic Petting Zoo is not responsible for any mauling, devouring, eating, savaging, clawing, laceration, or consuming of guests or their family members. Jurassic Petting Zoo will not repay you if a Regisaur were to give you a Savage Stomp. Any guests found harassing the adorable dinosaurs may be Cast Out without warning.


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