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Junkyard Living ( G/W/B lifegain )

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Junk/Abzan semi-serious lifegain deck. Too many people kept insisting that EDH lifegain -HAD- to be 'Trostani Selesnya' or 'Orzhov'. I saw a lot of potential for some very great combo pieces in all three colours and thought.... Why not both?

The cards in this deck are mostly designed so that they provide something good themselves, but also buff other cards or assist with something in general beyond themselves. Board wide value is taken over individual strength.


This was perhaps the hardest part of the deck to choose. There are very few Junk coloured commanders at all, and none of them directly assist lifegain. At the end of the day, it boiled down to three commanders: Karador, Ghost Chieftain, Doran, the Siege Tower and Teneb, the Harvester. Since Teneb requires direct combat damage and extra mana to do the same effect as Karador and that's not always possible, that eliminates him immediately.

Between Karador and Doran, both have their merits and it boils down to what you're playing against. If your opponent is control or removal oriented, Karador is your best bet. If you're facing a range of other decks that are not control or removal focused, Doran is better. If you make this deck, I suggest sideboarding both and switch accordingly.


For the combo lovers, there's quite a few here to enjoy plus a few infinite comboes. Here are the main ones.


  • Debt to the Deathless. Late game, this is going to obliterate your opponents. Especially if you've got Liliana's emblem, Uborg, Cabal Coffers or Nykthos on the field.
  • Storm Herd Once you have enough life and play this, opponents have 1 turn to do something before they are overrun by potentially thousands of 1/1s.
  • Felidar Sovereign Solid white lifegain alt win-con.
  • Test of Endurance Same as Felidar.
  • Aetherflux Reservoir Once you have enough life, you can start directly shoop da whooping opponenets.


I'm fairly happy with how this semi-core deck turned out. It won't win any tournaments, but at your FNM people are going to remember it.

There were quite a few way this deck could have gone, but after my delving into a mono white lifegain deck that tried to have an answer for everything, I've decided to focus it purely with as much lifegain as possible. Everything else besides lifegain is secondary beyond a select few basic necessities ( ramp, a few tutors and a few board wipes ).


06/08/2017: Replaced Soul Warden + Pontiff of Blight with Tree of Perdition + Tree of Redemption


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