The idea is to get a whole lot of value out of undying creatures.

=== The Cards ===

=== Creatures ===

Blood Artist- Works incredibly well with the graveyard interactions, sac outlets, and board wipes going on in this deck.

Disciple of Bolas - Great synergy with anything undying. Drawing cards is never bad.

Flayer of the Hatebound- A late game finisher and in combination with any sac outlet, or even better, a Damnation, it just wins games.

Hound of Griselbrand - One of my favorite cards in the deck, and one that I'm happy to sacrifice/pod all the time. A 2/2 double striker is scary, and a 3/3 is scarier yet.

Kalonian Hydra- A great new card that quickly makes all of my recurred undying creatures huge threats. Also, has amazing synergy with Varolz.

Strangleroot Geist- A great aggro card in addition to the fact that it fits here perfectly.

Deathrite Shaman- Amazing utility card. He ramps me to Vorapede or Flayer, he puts the opponent on a faster clock, and he holds down the fort by keeping my life total up.

Varolz, the Scar-Striped- Free unlimited sac outlet is great in combination with Flayer and Artist, and keeps me fueled up with wraths. bolts, and bombs.

Vorapede - When I saw this guy, I thought wow. And when I played him, it was crazier than I had expected. He just tears the field down as a HUGE trampling body that also stays back to block and doesn't let anything get through.

Young Wolf- The basic one drop, better than you would expect though.

=== Other Spells ===

Cauldron Haze - A free reset if some of my already once dead undying guys are going to die once again. Great right before a Damnation.

Damnation- An amazing card in this deck in that it's pretty much a one sided board wipe with upside for me.

Lightning Bolt- Removal, to the face when my opponent's at low life, and can even work to use on one of my own undying creatures in a pinch.

=== Conclusion ===

That's the deck! It's pretty resilient and has some incredibly powerful mid game plays. Feedback is always appreciated, as I'd like to take this deck to a competitive level. So if you're here please leave a comment or a plus 1! Thanks!


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