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First off, constructive criticism or any suggestions at all would be hugely appreciated.

This is a midrange/control Jund deck that I've been working on lately, it's been faring very very well in playtesting. The whole idea is get out a Sylvan Caryatid to ramp mana, bring our Stormbreath Dragon real quick or any of the other beaters like Reaper of the Wilds or Polukranos, World Eater. Playing a Fanatic of Xenagos turn two is always a tough choice for your opponent, and no matter what, a really aggressive play.

Keep your opponent with a bad board presence with Hero's Downfall and Abrupt Decay, as well as Anger of the Gods and Mizzium Mortars for board wipes. Vraska the Unseen is great control - I've actually won a few games with the 1/1 Assassin gimmick. Xenagos, the Reveler provides limitless mana alongside Sylvan Caryatid to just Rakdos's Return their face for a huge swing and to destroy their hand.

Scavenging Ooze and Whip of Erebos not only offer lifegain to make up for the ping from Read the Bones and the shocklands, but they themselves are pretty aggressive. Ideally, you exile creatures from your opponent's graveyard, and return yours to the battlefield with whip to put on pressure and get some life gain.

For the sideboard, we have:

4x Mistcutter Hydra when going against blue - (read: U/W, Esper Control) Probably side Polukranos, Reaper, or Fanatic for these.

2x Slaughter Games. When you know what's in your opponent's deck, which is almost always, at least for game two. It ultimately just destroys their game if you can play it and find the right card.

1x Golgari Charm. Board wipe against decks that abuse Elspeth. The regen and destroy target enchant are also nice situationally.

2x Thoughtseize, for info + card advantage, causes your opponent to lose tempo.

1x Rakdos's Return for when you have to just get stright into their face for damage.

1x Sire Of Insanity great for match ups against control, U/W or Esper - Rakdos's Return also helps.

2x Bile Blight for hate against mono black, pretty much everything. At worst it destroys something with 3 toughness, which alone is great. Combat trick as well.

1x Erebos, God of the Dead. Card advantage and hate against lifegain.

1x Putrefy Side in for Hero's Downfall, for when regen is an issue or artifacts pose a threat.

This deck is a work in progress, and I'd really love any feedback you could provide. Thanks for checking it out!


Went -2 Read the Bones in favor of +1 Sylvan Caryatid and +1 Anger of the Gods. The draw from Read the Bones only really helps me when I'm already losing, and having a more consistent turn 2 drop is something I've been wanting. Anger of the Gods has saved me countless times.

Tons and tons of changes. Just a lot. It plays way better now, but I'm still unsure about the mana base. Any help would be appreciated.

So this deck (not done, missing some lands, Rakdos's Returns, and Abrupt Decays), got me 3-1-0 at FNM this Friday and into top four out of probably around ~15 people. Sideboarded in appropriately, everything worked out very well.

Game 1: This was a matchup against a mill deck. During the first game, the dude played some nonstandard cards, so pretty much he replaced them with standard cards and gave me game 1. Game 2 he ended up milling me out with Jace's 0. Game 3 I just aggro'ed him out and took it. 2-1.

Game 2: This was against some sort of Simic matchup, he didn't get to play too much before I got he wins. Round 1 he played a Gyre Sage, and uh, that's about it. I went in to the face with Stormbreath Dragon for the win. Round 2 he had a turn 1 Cloudfin Raptor. He ended up getting another, as well as anotehr Gyre Sage. Forced Adaptation on the Cloudfin got it bigger, and a Bow of Nylea pumped Gyre Sage, but Stormbreath and Whip of Erebos came in for the win again, with Polukranos, World Eater helping out as well. Also sided in Mistcutter Hydra for this one which came out and wrecked. 2-0

Game 3: My only game loss. Matched up against a W/B/R deck. Both games were very very close. Round 1, he put out a Desecration Demon after i played a Stormbreath Dragon. I played creatures every turn to sac to it and went in for a ton with Stormbreath over a few turns, but he put down an Assemble the Legion and Whip of Erebos, and eventually an Elspeth, Sun's Champion and killed the Demon and Stormy with it, and eventually took the win. Round 2 I sided in Slaughter Games, Bile Blight, and Ratchet Bomb. I ended up playing a Polukranos, World Eater, which he exiled with Chained to Rocks, which i eventually brought back with Ratchet Bomb for one CMC. He got a Stormbretah Dragon I played with a non-overloaded Mizzium Mortars. He played a ton of Duress both games and just totally screwed me over. He eventually played a Blood Baron of Vizkopa and won.

Game 4: This guy was a real ass. He was just muttering under his breath and getting angry when I asked to read cards. Just like made me not want to play Magic. He played a Selesnya Aggro build. Round 1 he ended up getting out an Experiment One, made some 3/3 Centaur Tokens, made some 2/2 Knights, and brought out a Voice of Resurgence. I played Anger of the Gods, exiling them all. When I mistakenly thought that Voice would still make a token, he got pissed and said "Read Anger of the Gods. They're EXILED. Does nobody read that card?" Anyways I ended up swinging with Stormbreath and just getting him down. Game 2 I sided in Bile Blights. He eventually had a pretty similar start, with a few Fleecemane Lions . Again, Anger of the Gods for a board wipe. I Bile Blighted two Experiment Ones he had down - by this point he had me at 2 life, and he was at 20. I played a whip, played a Polukranos, played a Stormbreath, played a Reaper of the Wilds, and got myself up to -32- life, before I just killed him.

All in all, the deck played -really- well. The only games I lost were very very close - and the deck isn't even finished yet. Once I get the right lands and the instants/sorceries I need to finish the deck up, It'll be niiiiice. Ended up getting the Banisher Priest Promo - really rad. Also pulled a Sphinx's Revelation, Mizzium Mortars, Temple of Deceit, Underworld Connections, Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius that night, so all in all pretty good. Traded for a Blood Crypt, a Temple of Malice, and a Ratchet Bomb, which I think I'll be adding one of to the sideboard.


Jellydude says... #1

In my opinion, I don't think Fanatic of Xenagos is great for your deck if you are trying to go control. Also, Scavenging Ooze and Whip of Erebos don't go well together, so I would take the whips out. Also, I like Putrefy mainboard, great spot removal and can take care of weapons and such. Just my thoughts, maybe go like Ghor-Clan Rampager instead of the fanatic, and maybe try to snag up some Courser of Kruphix s. They allow you to not draw lands, and it makes up for some life loss of the shocks and read the bones that you were worried about.Hoped that this might have helped, and any suggestions about my deck would be nice too! Chrobanticor Standard Worthy

March 2, 2014 10:59 p.m.

tylerawood497 says... #2

I tried my Jund today and main boarded 2x Golgari Charm and it did work. I would put more in there, also Chandra, Pyromaster is helpful for card draw and to get rid of blockers.

March 8, 2014 12:17 a.m.

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