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Jund Midrange for FNM and tournaments. As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.



Vos_Is_Boss says... #1

How have the Bonfire of the Damned been working out for you?

Ive tried it, but most the decks i come up against, it isn't very relevant. Not much aggro in my shop, but i can see it if yours has lots of weenie decks. I am also curious as to why there is no Sign in Blood or Underworld Connections mainboard. Your comment on the other jund deck (about Thundermaw Hellkite ) was "I can't imagine running this deck without it!" I feel the same way about draw power for this deck. I feel you really need to have the card advantage to keep the steam rolling. Not to mention, with Vampire Nighthawk and Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip and Thragtusk its easy to get the life back.

Also, i see no Abrupt Decay anywhere in this deck. I know a lot of people have been saying its not that great... but those are people who have not played with it. Abrupt Decay is so damn useful. My favorite application is getting rid of the cheap planeswalkers or Oblivion Ring s / Detention Sphere s. I really think you need it. Maybe instead of the Golgari Charm s you have in your SB.

Also, i found Garruk, Primal Hunter or Vraska the Unseen to be super super excellent in this deck. Maybe try them instead of Liliana of the Veil

But i do love this deck, however, maybe take out one swamp for a forest. :P unless you are SURE you can get that green source to play Farseek . Then i think you're just fine.

Great deck. +129837198

October 31, 2012 12:48 p.m.

toxonic says... #2

I see what you mean with your deck, and heaps of removal is good. I am going to put in Sever the Bloodline to my deck due to Lotleth Troll being a big issue as well as dealing with Entreat the Angels etc etc. Your deck appears to be a lot more aggro than mine which is good, and the reason why Thundermaw Hellkite works so well for you. I did try adding it to my deck before but whenever i cast it i only used it as a blocker.

I have to say that i love Deathrite Shaman in jund, im not sure if he will remain fully in the mainboard but he always gives so much value, exiling cards to deal damage or gain life, and can shut down undying, gravecrawler, flashback and snapcaster. That being said he is a fairly slow creature.

If you want to continue with the aggro theme then perhaps something like Rakdos Cackler or Thrill-Kill Assassin might work? The cackler is a strong 1 drop that puts pressure on the opponent early and the assassin is a hidden threat that requires a creature with 3 power to kill it, or a kill spell (which saves your other creatures from death)

October 31, 2012 12:49 p.m.

slashx24 says... #3

Vos_Is_Boss, the Bonfires work pretty well for me. I don't like the full 4, because having one in your opening hand sucks, but 3 seems to allow me to draw it consistently enough to do decent damage. It's usually the first thing to be sided out against zombies (the only aggro deck it doesn't really help against) and some control decks, but other than that it has won me quite a few games. Underworld Connections isn't main because of my fear of zombies. It comes in against control and the mirror regularly, but it just isn't viable against some of the aggro in my meta, since I just can't get to my bigger life gain creatures in time to reverse the life loss. Sign in Blood was originally there, but as a one shot, it just isn't anywhere near as good as connections, and I needed the slots for other cards. Against aggro, I have enough removal, plus Vampire Nighthawk s and Rakdos Keyrune to keep them at bay until I can resolve a Thragtusk .

In regards to Abrupt Decay , I tried it and hated it in this deck. It simply didn't hit enough things. Golgari charm hits the enchantments that it hits (which is pretty much all it got used for), but also doubles as another Thundermaw Hellkite -ish effect, and can also protect my Olivia Voldaren . Literally the only thing that Decay will hit that my other kill spells don't is opposing keyrunes, and that doesn't exactly bother me since I just have better cards which can beat down. That said, the other thing is that with all the graveyard love in this meta, using decay to hit a creature isn't always the best.

I'm really keen to try a Vraska, but I just don't have any at the moment. I'm liking Liliana of the Veil against control decks, but I can definitely see this deck loving a Vraska. As for Garruk, Primal Hunter , I'm just not sure I would be able to cast it. This deck is much more geared towards red and black splashing green. Garruk Relentless  Flip is definitely on the "give it a try" list, but I need to get them off my friend haha.

Also, I can pretty reliably cast Farseek on turn two or three. Even with the light green, there's 10 sources of green in my mana base (gotta love those duals!). Sometimes you can't, but that happens.

November 1, 2012 12:10 a.m.

slashx24 says... #4

toxonic, I think Jund is the deck that needs the removal. It absolutely loves it. Sever the Bloodline is indeed amazing, and so is Pillar of Flame . I kind of want an extra Pillar in my list, so I'm considering making that change by putting in one in the sideboard and taking away the 4th Dreadbore . Sever has saved me from an Entreat the Angels many times as you mentioned, and you definitely want the exile effect in this meta. As I said earlier, I really couldn't see this deck being as good as it is with Thundermaw Hellkite as such a strong finisher and that's all I really use it for. I've brought him in to block once, and hated the fact that his haste was going to waste, and so that's why I boosted the removal.

Deathrite Shaman is a new inclusion for me, but I absolutely love it. Zombies hate it, Reanimator hates it, Snapcaster Mage hates it... Everything you pointed out. I only have him in the sideboard because he isn't amazing in every game, but he gets sided in quite a bit. If I see a shift in my meta that allows it, I'll definitely be mainboarding him, possibly as a 4-of.

I really like the idea of Rakdos Cackler and Thrill-Kill Assassin as a way to get in some earlier damage, so I may give them a try at my next FNM.

As a quick question, how does Desecration Demon go for you? I really liked him, but he just didn't seem to be fast enough for me. My deck durdles at times, but I try to make it work as fast as it can, and Demon, while amazing in control and reanimator matchups, just didn't seem to get the job done fast enough and consistently enough for my liking. I definitely want to try to get it in there more often though.

Overall, I tried to base this deck off the powerful modern Jund deck. Obviously it's not as good, but the idea was to get similar effects. This is the reason I don't run many creatures. It's all removal, and card advantage until you resolve something that can take over the game (like a Thragtusk , Olivia Voldaren , or Thundermaw Hellkite ...)

November 1, 2012 12:25 a.m.

toxonic says... #5

I do agree that removal is huge, and I think that the reason the hellkite works for you is because you try to be as fast as possible. For me I prefer to stall a tiny bit which usually causes fast agro decks to loose steam, slow down and let me headbutt them off the table.

For me the demon is great because early game he provides some good card advantage (removing several creatures in his lifetime) and once you clear the board then you can hit for an almost instant kill. It is a fairly slow way of playing and so I wouldn't recommend it for your deck, but it is funny to ask your opponent if they want to sac a creature even if the demon can't attack/block

November 1, 2012 1:23 a.m.

slashx24 says... #6

I agree. My earlier versions of the deck were much slower, and so the demon was doing me a real service. I still would like to try and fit it back in somewhere, possibly in the sideboard, because I think it's my favourite card from the newest set.

November 1, 2012 2:25 a.m.

toxonic says... #7

Also another thing to add, Tragic Slip is amazingly good at removal. There are a lot of destroy effects flying around and so its almost always on morbid trigger and it can also stop mana dorks which would shut down a few decks.

I also have Zealous Conscripts in my deck due to my meta, its my version of the hellkite really because when it comes out I can grab my opponents best creature and attack with it (which means they have 1 less blocker). I have also used it to steal nicol bolas, use his +ability and target himself

November 1, 2012 4:10 a.m.

slashx24 says... #8

Tragic Slip is a card that I intend to swap with pillar of flame whenever the zombie decks in my meta disappear. It's sitting in my deck box unsleeved, ready to go haha. I like it, but I just needed a way to exile rather than just kill.

I have really wanted to try Zealous Conscripts . It seems good and I think it'd be really useful with the demon on the board as a way to really dwindle their blockers. Also, stealing a Nicol Bolas and having it kill itself? Ouch. Have you tried Falkenrath Aristocrat at all?

November 1, 2012 4:56 a.m.

Vos_Is_Boss says... #9

Falkenrath Aristocrat was in my jund deck for awhile, the flying damage is nice, but since there is no synergy with other humans, or Blood Artist anymore, its just kind of a 4/1 haste flier and nothing more.

However... a surprising addition to my deck at the last gameday was Hellrider . granted my jund version has a few more creatures, the effect was staggering. swinging in with Rakdos Keyrune , Thragtusk , Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip (and his token), a Vampire Nighthawk , Dreg Mangler and Hellrider all at once was a milestone. If you decided to throw in the cheapers like Rakdos Cackler , it could be rather interesting to see a more aggressive jund deck with Hellrider leading the charge.

November 1, 2012 9:11 a.m.

toxonic says... #10

I personally havent tried Falkenrath Aristocrat , as vos said it is just a 4/1 flyer with haste, plus there isnt a whole lot of creatures that you would be ok with sacrificing to it. It can be killed with a Lingering Souls token, and if you sac a creature then you essentially had the token kill that creature.

Im guessing your meta is filled mostly with aggro decks? I know mine is mostly control focused/stall-reanimator type things

November 1, 2012 10:49 a.m.

slashx24 says... #11

I quite like the idea of Hellrider . I may have a go at building a much more aggressive version of this deck, with the cheaper creature spells. It'll end up being a fundamentally different deck, but I like to experiment so why not?

November 1, 2012 11:27 p.m.

Vos_Is_Boss says... #12

My buddy was running my jund deck at gameday because he forgot his. He was at 8 life, his opponent was at 20, and with a lot of mana, a bunch of hasters plus a Hellrider he pulled the win out of his ass in one attack. Was pretty amusing, because the Hellrider s were in place of cards i didnt have ready at the time.

November 2, 2012 9:10 a.m.

slashx24 says... #13

I'm actually really liking the look of a Jund list with all haste creatures: Strangleroot Geist , Dreg Mangler , Falkenrath Aristocrat , Hellrider , Thundermaw Hellkite . It would be a fundamentally different deck, but it'd allow us to play the aggro game, as well as hold out in the longer matches still with Thragtusk ... Just a thought.

November 4, 2012 11:32 a.m.

skittles says... #14

Hey, just reading through the comments.I've actually had a friend test the hasty version of the deck against mine, and I've found that mine tends to do better. Main deck Pillar of Flame and Sever the Bloodline makes Strangleroot Geist and Dreg Mangler sad.

I really like your list though. Seems pretty solid. A unique mana base that I haven't seen before. I agree with Vos_Is_Boss saying that some form of card draw will help you go a long way, which is why I like Garruk, Primal Hunter . However, after counting your mana sources, you might not have enough green to cast him, which is fair enough, so I agree with you when saying Garruk Relentless  Flip is an option. He doesn't draw you cards, but at least he gives you a lot of value in terms of card advantage. And if you're losing, Garruk Tutor, sac Thragtusk , get Thragtusk is such a good feeling. Otherwise, I'd suggest +1 Underworld Connections -1 Bonfire of the Damned for the main. Against aggro, the connections doesn't have to be used anywhere near as often in comparison to other matches, but drawing those extra cards is really helpful in terms of keeping you above more resources than them. The gamble of the life loss is usually worth it, especially against UW aggro decks, that don't have anyway to hit you with damage out of nowhere once you've stabilised.

+1 on the deck, hope it treats you well

November 4, 2012 6:15 p.m.

slashx24 says... #15

Thanks for the feedback. The only reason Underworld Connections isn't in my mainboard is because of the zombie menace. People haven't let it go just yet in my meta. Against anything that isn't zombies, or Rakdos Aggro, both come in from the sideboard. The card draw is definitely amazing, but you just sometimes can't get the life loss back against those faster decks, especially if I don't draw into Pillar of Flame . As for Bonfire of the Damned , it does a hell of a lot of work in this deck, so I'm not sure if I want to cut any. That said, I've put together a haste version of Jund: Jund Haste, and I hate the bonfires in that deck. I think they want to be Rakdos Keyrune s instead, just for a little bit more board wipe resiliancy.

November 5, 2012 11:37 p.m.

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