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A jund brew that I have been working on. I would love your input! This is a deck that I plan on taking to FNM and I am wondering if you are currently running anything similar or have seen someone running something like it and have any advice for me. I really wanted to use Master of Cruelties but I did not want a combo deck that could easily fall apart so I tried to made this deck to be more resilient.

The creatures:

The spells:

- Dreadbore and Putrefy: What something dead? Then its dead!

-Rakdos's Return: Drains your opponents hand and hits them for damage. Also can end the game after Master of Cruelties.

The Planeswalkers:

-Domri Rade: I tried to get this guy to fit into this deck. With 22 creatures he is a reliable source of card draw and is a clock that my opponent must deal with. The fight ability is really nice with Desecration Demon, Vampire Nighthawk, and Master of Cruelties and helps keep their board clear.

-Vraska the Unseen: Can end the game by herself. Also can keep the board clear and must be dealt with.

The land:

-Rogue's Passage: lets make Master of Cruelties and Vraska the Unseen's tokens unblockable and win some games!



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