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Bringing back Jund with my own unique twist! I like to find cards that I feel are under-rated and powerful and put them in my decks to keep things interesting and keep my opponents guessing. Also, I was playing Kolaghan's Command way before it was cool. ;)

This deck has potential to go in a lot of different directions that I am trying to explore, and I would really appreciate comments! Thanks. :)

The deck uses hand disruption and premier removal to deal with threats, while putting large threats of our own onto the board in a midrange strategy.

Disclaimer: Yes, I want to run Tarmogoyf, but I also like having my utilities turned on! I would run him if I could, and will if I can. :)

Thanks for Viewing!

I would really like your feedback! Please leave a comment with constructive criticism and/or suggestions :).


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Recently attended a local FNM tournament with this list in complete form as listed above, and went 3-1-1, and placed 5th out of 21. I was very happy with the performance of my 1-and-2-of spells, in particular the one copy of Profane Command I put in last week. This thing straight up won me 2 games, and I feel that it is a very very powerful and under-rated card. The ability to remove a creature and reanimate one of your own swings boardstates so dramatically. One of the games it won for me it acted as a Fireball to the face, so there's that too.

Phyrexian Arena did serious work as well, as it is a much safer and stickier version of Dark Confidant in this deck that has a fairly high curve for running Dark Confidant.

Will keep updating as I find new funsies to make this deck uniquely my own.

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