Land Destruction. Up there with Infect and Blue Tron in my opinion as far as annoying decks to play against. The deck relies heavily on early disruption, be it Blackmail amd Thoughtseize or Smallpox and Fulminator Mage and the like. Limited resources means that the average cmc goes down, making Abrupt Decay and Fatal Push really effective. Liliana of the Veil sort of gums up the works by having too many 3 drops. It would be nice to have but I don't feel like it is needed. There is still plenty of 1 for 1 removal to minimize pressure and while there is a smaller number of threats in the deck, they still exist.
The wincons are Raging Ravine, Goblin Dark-Dwellers, and Fulminator Mage if it comes down to that.
Who knows, is this the kick that Jund needs? I have my concerns, but let's see where this deck can win by a landslide.

Any suggestions are comments are appreciated.


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