Like goblins, but dumber and also faster. Combo off on turn 3, with Goblins! Plan A is mull aggressively for Grumgully, the Generous or Metallic Mimic ... You know, things that go infinite with Persist and Goblins. Then you need a Persister, and an aristocrat. Make infinite mana, infinite damage, infinite life drain, or just tutor and string Goblin Ringleader till you've swarmed the board. Infinite mana is pretty good. Altar of Dementia serves as a spicy one of. While it isn't a goblin, it's an aristocrat that wins us the game, and at 2C mana it's both easier to go off with and harder to disrupt than Sling-Gang Lieutenant . Whiffing on Ringleader with this will sometimes suck, but it increases the odds of an early game combo.

The backup plan is the usual Goblin plan, only without a little bit of the utility. Pretty all in on the combo in game 1. Basically, all of our unfair cards are run for their unfair purpose but are still capable of playing a more or less (less) fair goblins game. So that gives us a backup aggro plan, despite literally every card in the deck playing some role in an infinite combo besides Munitions Expert and Goblin Cratermaker . I cut a munitions expert for cratermaker, since it improves my matchup vs prison, artifacts, Tron, etc. Murderous Redcap is still powerful on the face of it, and feeds into what I would call "partial" combos easily. Putrid Goblin is weak, but by maximizing them we increase our chances of the turn 3 win. We're playing combo to combo MF, which makes an option in a lot of matchups to just race.

Sideboard is transformational; we can shift away from the combo aspect and into a more midrangey goblins build, with all four Goblin Warchief , and the obligatory Krenko, Mob Boss . Goblin Trashmaster is an aristocrat so long as there's an artifact, and is a blowaway hit in artifact matchups we can tutor for in them. He's also a lord, so you'll bring him in sometimes for that purpose. The goal is to make sideboarding obnoxious, so the opponent doesn't know whether they're in a midrange matchup or a race. The answer is both... hopefully. Goblin Chainwhirler deals with x/1s, gives us a board wipe we can tutor for in some matchups. It's also just a good value red card for aggro mode. Earwig Squad is for Living End , and other situations where either deck information is important or a combo piece should be removed. I've got 4 Chalice of the Void which can be a real blowout in modern, and can fit in with either mode of the deck (if you want to Chalice on 2, drop the combo). Goblin Chieftain is in the sideboard, to go with the sideboard Krenko plan. Krenko is a lot better with haste. It's also a really useful thing to have lords, which are good with Murderous Redcap and our go wide strategy. Since we're only running 7 cards that can't be cast under Blood Moon , we're a rare thing; an Ancient Ziggurat deck that doesn't fold to Blood Moon. However, I opted not to run it. Goblin Prison elements are cool, but the deck is schizo enough for me already. I dropped one Chieftain for a single Goblin Piledriver , because Piledriver is too good at improving a clock to not have a copy of in slower matchups.


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