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I cant add (forced adaptation) yet and i cant wait really and some more counter spells as well should be awesome !! Main concept:: put counters on creatures to buff the opponent into submission . Also having kessig for trample and rancor as well.

Corpsejack Menace - doubles counters for a quick win and makes a perfect synergy with Vampire Nighthawk, Increasing Savagery, and ofcoarse Blessings of Nature.

Desecration Demonis gone now because of the new b/r zombies

SB:: If I run into pesky instants like kill cards I have my Golgari Charm to protect my creatures.

I might add Sever the Bloodline to my sb or maybe MB idk

Please also play test and let me know if you had any trouble as well.If you like the build or concept +1s are appreciated and advice/ criticism is welcome. I would like to make this deck ready for fnm which means competitive. Thanks

ALSO... I know the deck is at 61 but I want to try it out this way and see what happens .


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So I'm facing my friend jay with his 40 score jund deck and my deck held its own really well .

So I've added 3x farseek and one more dreadbore for some removal since Olivia was really stalling my deck until he stabilized . Biggest fear is Sever the Bloodline right now . I just have to play smart and create bait with my counter pumps to make a person use sever so I can continue to play aggressively instead of being stalled until they stabilize. Also I understand that there a couple of cards that areant counter producers and seems like the synergy has left the board. But it hasn't rakdos-lord-riots changes the entire game when all I have to do is 2damage to the opponent and I can drop 4drops for only 2 of whatever they cost .

My only issue which was rectified with farseek was not getting exactly the lands I need Atleast before turn 4. But now it has been fixed and now I have to consider three cards to add.

2x Thragtusk yet again

2xSever the Bloodline

1x Olivia Voldaren would be helpful as well

This deck has turned into mid-ranged from steady aggro/midrange so I can consider these cards to see if it would change the game. Also I cannot afford Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip just to add . It would take me forever and plus I think 2thrags are better then 3-4x huntmasters. I have 1x thrags in my possession already.

So some ideas would be awesome as suggestions are welcome and also +1's as well.


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