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A Jund Aggro deck inspired by Ari Lax's deck. Changes include swapping Mogg Flunkies for Lightning Mauler for turn-two haste (swing for six if everything goes according to plan) and an altered sideboard.

Now updated for more midrange to stop the superfast Naya blitz decks and to give more power in the air. This deck is tons of fun to play!


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After being beaten by even faster decks a few times like Naya blitz I've decided to make the deck a bit more midrange by substituting the Lightning Maulers (who mostly acted as chump blockers) for Gyre Sage who's evolve mechanism makes her more midgame withstanding, and swap Dreg Mangler for Hellkite and Hellrider. I've had great success with this deck so far in playtesting and am looking forward to playing it on this week's FNM.


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