Jund Aggro list that im converting my Gruul Aggro into.




MagicFingers says... #1

Unless you are comfortable with your mana base, I would drop Boros Reckoner . Since you lack white sources it costs 3R to cast him, which means that it will be a dead draw until turn 4 or so. Only half of your lands are capable of producing red, which further compounds the issue. Test-drawing a few hands, I find it difficult at times to cast Ash Zealot , let alone finding the third red source.

If you do drop it, go for a 1-drop creature. As is, your deck starts pumping creatures onto the field as early as turn 2, which is far too slow for aggro in this meta. Maybe even drop/sideboard both Domri Rade s and 2 Falkenrath Aristocrat s for some additional turn-1 pressure. Stromkirk Noble s are good, as humans tend to be popular, and Experiment One is nice thanks to both evolve and the fact that you will later pump out a lot of larger creatures.

March 26, 2013 1:55 a.m.

Chipsinabox says... #2

For the issue of Ash Zealot , I'd suggest finding a 2CMC creature (that isn't GG, RR, BB) which can be at least relatively aggressive. You're running swamps, so Crimson Muckwader might be a viable option due to its resiliency with an open pool and allows for more consistent curving through Burning-Tree Emissary , which also allows for more consistent double evolve triggers for Experiment One . I run Mogg Flunkies in that extra two spot due to their value with other creatures on the field, and can be very aggressive when curving perfectly.

March 28, 2013 1:11 a.m.

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