This is a deck I built out of junk rares on MGTO, just for casual play. It does surprisingly well, winning about half the time, against decks with far more expensive cards. The undying mechanic combined with one or more Soul of the Harvests is exceptionally cheator.

It's aggressive, with just enough removal to beat most other aggro matchups Control tends to be the problem. For that, I think I need better fatties. As you can see, other than the souls, undying, and somberwalds, it's a bit of a mutt. Cards that tend to be less than overwhelming are the Borderland Rangers, though they're helpful, the Doom Blades, which are useless in a lot of matchups, and I'm just not sure what I want to do with burn. RSZ is great, but the others are somewhat subpar.

I'm not going to add Bonfire of the Damned, as miracles dont work well with the draw, and I'm not about to drop 30 tickets on a single card >.>. Similarly, Huntmaster of the Fells is probably out of my range.

To be noted: I've not played matches yet, just single games.

Matchups go as follows, to the best of my memory.

Humans (RW, Naya, or MonoW) I tend to dominate this matchup. Strangleroot Geist usually goes through because they dont want to trade their Champion of the Parish, and young wolf provides lots of chump blocking and the odd bit of damage on top. I ramp to Soul of the Harvest which then provides more fuel than they can usually muster. Acidic Slime takes out problem Orings/equipment, or goes for the land. As an aside, it's funny how many people concede on the sight of the slime.

RG Werewolves/RG Wolf Run Ramp: Again, I generally win. Werewolves are too inconsistent, and the removal/burn I have does overime.

Tokens: They can be a problem with all the flyers, but I'd say it's about 50/50 at worst for me.

Frites: I usually can deal with Elash Norn, Grand Cenobyte, as my fatties will be out by that point. Frites tends to run light on removal, leaving Somberwald Sage ready to ramp. Key targets by acidic slimes help too. The odd variant reanimating humans with Angel of Glory's Rise is ridiculously tough though, as it wins on that turn.

Delver: Not a common matchup, but brutal for me. The main reason I'm looking for help on the deck.

Aggro zombies/Vampires: Usually Not a problem. My creatures are more efficient than the vampires, and I have enough chump blockers for the zombies.

Mill/Zombie Mill: Another major pain. Undead Alchemist Ruins my day, and defends Jace like crazy.

Infect: The fact that they only need 10 damage vs my 20, and have flyers is just too much. Wild Defiance is particularly brutal here.

I would LOVE to have some feedback on this. It's doing well enough, and it's a deck that I find intruiging to play, so I'm considering putting it in some tourneys. Also, I"m not looking to invest heavily into mirrodin, as it'll be gone relatively soon.


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