You look at this deck list and you're probably thinking "What the hell is this..." I don't blame you because on paper this list looks like hot garbage. But I promise, give it a playtest and see what happens. Keep a hand that has at least two lands with a way to make one red mana for a turn 3 Jori En. The sequencing will make sense as you go.

It's not storm, but every turn you cast 2+ spells and get tons of extra value from your cards. You can gain value on opponents' turns too. With 20 1-mana instants and such a low curve, it’s easy to leave 2 mana up for a Counterspell or two Cantrips. You keep building momentum until you reach a critical mass of value and you can't be stopped. When you find that a single blue mana draws you two cards, makes 3 tokens, and deals 4 damage to each opponent, you know you're doing it right! The trick is using every bit of mana in the most efficient ways. Super fun!

WHERE IS SOL RING? It’s actually not very useful in here as I never want colorless mana. Mm

Favorite card in deck: Future Sight/Magus of the Future- The deck goes off like crazy with these. If you run into two land in a row, simply draw it and keep going!


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