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4,000 Years at the Top of His Class | *PRIMER*

Commander / EDH Five Color Goodstuff Primer


Jodah has made some big friends over his thousands of years of life.

Welcome to my first Primer! If you feel like I am missing any important information, feel free to let me know!

The goal here is obvious. Play Jodah. Play bombs. NOTE: This deck can obviously be better, but I wanted to keep it a bit casual and not entirely degenerate so that it is still a fun, diverse game. That being said, it will definitely not go down without a fight, and does pack a big punch.

General Strategy

You can probably tell what this deck is doing from a glance- play our big dudes at a discount and turn them sideways. We do have some other hidden strats, which I will get into in our card descriptions.

An important thing to note in this deck is that, while there are plenty of ways to put our bombs into play for free, there are many times where we want to cast them instead, whether for the card's built-in effect, or for our other cast-matters cards. This is why our deck is lower in the put-into-play effects, although we still have some of the most powerful ones.

One thing people also point out is that there isn't much protection for Jodah. This is usually fine, as we have enough ramp and lands that we can still just hard cast our stuff a little later on.

So Why Jodah?

Well, for the goals of this deck it is pretty obvious why we use him. Being able to cheat the mana cost on all our spells is a HUGE advantage, because our now 5-drop spells are much stronger than most of our opponents spells. Also, being a 4/3 Flier is nothing to scoff at either. He can put in some work.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the deck so you know what you are getting yourself into.

  • Plays satisfyingly large, explosive spells
  • Turns sideways all the time
  • Like to turn the game into a game of Archenemy, with you being the Archenemy
  • Couldn't decide on a color, so you wanted to play them all
  • Sometimes a bit slow if you don't get your ramp going early
  • Runs 39 lands, so your draws can be inconsistent
  • Only one instant, so we can't do much to combo besides kill them first
  • The 99

    Our creature package. Here I'll go through our main cards, and give a description on some of our more questionable choices.

    Archfiend of Despair - this was a new addition to the deck, and its been pretty great so far. Stopping life gain and hitting for basically 12 on it's own, it leads to huge life swings out of nowhere.

    Artisan of Kozilek - Pretty self explanatory. Big hitter. Annihilation. Reanimates a bomb.

    Avacyn, Angel of Hope - This is an obviously strong card to drop early. It helps Jodah stay on board, as well as our other cards.

    Blazing Archon - A great anti-attack card that lets us not have to worry about swinging in with everything and getting smacked with a crack-back.

    Dread Cacodemon - A one-sided boardwipe on an 8/8? Sign me up. Its also great because opponents can't reanimate it to wrath us. The only downside is that if a Clone creature copies it, it will get us. Has yet to happen though, so here's hoping it stays that way.

    Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - Clears away those pesky dorks blocking our way, and pumps our creatures. Whats not to like?

    Emrakul, the Promised End - One of our top bombs. I usually go for either the person who is ahead, the person most likely to get ahead quickest, or the person most likely to stop me from winning. Also, you know, being a 13/13 flier is great.

    Etali, Primal Storm - On the lower end of our curve, but is still a strong 6/6 body that can get us a ton of value off of other decks, and maybe hit one of our bombs.

    It That Betrays - Another large Eldrazi in our armada of titans. With all the annihilator in the deck, we can easily grab a few permanents.

    Kozilek, Butcher of Truth - Card draw, annihilator, 12/12 body. Another easily justified card.

    Maelstrom Wanderer - Cascades into two of our lower end cards, but they are by no means useless. Also, it being a haste outlet for our big boys is a huge plus.

    Myojin of Life's Web - One of our trickier cards to play. As mentioned above, we want to cast a majority of our cards, but sometimes we just need to flash in our hand. It is also pretty effective in combat if one of the creatures is a haste outlet.

    Nico Bolas, the Ravager- Everything about this card is great. Its an early drop that messes with hands, solid evasive body, and flips for a TON of value.

    Prince of Thralls - Acts as a second It That Betrays of sorts for our one-sided boardwipes and annihilator triggers.

    Progenitus - Doesn't need much of an explanation, does it?

    Resolute Archangel - Just in case things get a little dicey, its nice to have a reset button for our life total.

    Samut, Voice of Dissent - Another haste outlet, a decent enough beater.

    Sheoldred, Whispering One - Reanimator, evasive, and clears up opponent's boards a little bit.

    Stonehoof Chieftain - This one raises some eyebrows, but I feel like it fill some gaps in our game plan. Our big creatures getting chumped by tokens and whatnot slows us down, as well as deathtouchers or other big creatures, so trample and indestructible let us saunter on through.

    The Ur-Dragon - Another quality evasive threat that draws cards and put things into play, whether they be lands or otherwise.

    Twilight Prophet - One of our low-end cards, but can drain a fair amount of life while jacking our up, and also drawing us the extra card.

    Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger - Yet another Eldrazi titan. Removes the things we might have trouble removing, and also exiling twenty cards ain't half bad.

    Urabrask the Hidden - More haste, and messes with opposing blockers that opponents might cast to chump our bombs. Great if we put in a bunch of creatures at once with Selvala's Stampede or Myojin of Life's Web .

    Void Winnower - I literally can't even explain this card. Well, I can. Big body that makes opponents unable to cast a lot of spells, and gives pseudo-evasion to our board.

    Zacama, Primal Calamity - Lets us untap to cast another bomb, or just leave up the mana to wipe out creatures, or artifacts/enchantments, or gain some life on a huge monstrosity of a dino.

    Zetalpa, Primal Dawn - Honestly, there are better cards that could fill this slot, but just look at him. What a goofy dino with all the best keywords he can get.

    Our supporting enchantment package.

    Heretic's Punishment - So this card. Remember how I mentioned our other hidden strats? Almost everyone looks at this card and blows it off until I mill an Eldrazi or something, dome them for a bunch, and then do it again. Its a great mana-sink, and definitely a game-ender.

    Mirari's Wake - A slight boost to our power, and some obvious ramp. Pretty standard. Pretty great.

    Sarkhan's Unsealing - A new add to the list, and it proved it's worth immediately. Being able to wipe away opposing creatures and planeswalkers, as well as hitting their life totals is exactly what we want to do, and on such a low costing enchantment to boot.

    Sunbird's Invocation - Why cast one bomb when we could get two? This is one of the cast-matters cards I talked about. Even getting one trigger off of this is worth it 9/10 times.

    Sylvan Library - Some decent card draw and top deck manipulation for our top-deck matters cards. We can also be a little risky with our life because of some of our life-gain and our life reset, Resolute Archangel .

    I'll go over our artifacts, but will leave the rocks to our Mana section.

    Scroll Rack - Gives us a second hand of sorts. Also helps with the top deck matters mini-theme we got going on.

    Sensei's Divining Top - Basically fills the same role as Scroll Rack .

    Alongside our creature package, we have our big sorcery spells, and our one instant. Again, I'll leave the ramp spells to the Mana section.

    Aminatou's Augury - A one-for-many spell that lets us cast a couple things for the price of one spell, and ramps us. We only run one instant, but we have a decent amount of other card types, so we should be able to reliably get 2-3 spells out of this if we are lucky.

    Blasphemous Act - A classic EDH boardwipe. Sometimes we just need to get everything off the board. With our amount of indestructible creatures, hopefully we will leave one thing behind, although it is sad that Jodah gets taken out due to this.

    Chandra's Ignition - Capable of dealing a heavy blow to our opponents and clear the way for our board.

    In Garruk's Wake - A one-sided boardwipe that gets planeswalkers too. All around good to clear the way.

    Nissa's Revelation - Manipulation, immense card draw and strong life-gain. I generally draw at least 10 cards and get to sculpt a strong had afterwards.

    Plague Wind - Same as In Garruk's Wake . One-sided boardwipes are top notch.

    Rise of the Dark Realms - When the game starts to drag out, and all the graveyards start building up, we may just want to end the game and take everything. If we can get a haste outlet in the mix too, then all the better.

    See the Unwritten - This card can easily have the Ferocious requirement met, and can put in two bombs really fast. Sure, we don't get to cast them, but it is usually worth it just for the bodies.

    Selvala's Stampede - One of our put-into-play cards, but for good reason. The vote generally tends to slide 3-1 in favor of permanents from hand to creatures from our deck, we can just put in enchantments and such in, so it can lead to a strong swing in boardstate.

    Teferi's Protection - Saves our board, saves our life, stops us from losing to combo most of the time. Seems like a worth-while inclusion.

    Unexpected Results - This is literally my favorite card ever made, so I had to add it. Either gives us a spell, usually at a cheaper cost, or ramps us and lets us do it again.

    Sorin, Grim Nemesis - Can drain our opponents while drawing us a card, remove a thing and give us some life, and might ult and give us a wide board.

    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - Bolt a thing, or wrath the board. Our creatures will rarely get hit by it, since they are high CMC. In the event we get to ult him, it basically spells doom for our foes.

    Ramp Spells

    We have a pretty basic ramp package with a combination of rocks and land-grabbers. I tried to keep them to the 2-drop slot as best I could, so that we can reliably cast Jodah on turn three, followed by a bomb on turn 4. This may seem hard to do, but I don't generally run into this issue.

    Lands So there lands are a little hard to explain. We obviously include each shockland and some fetches. I tried to keep the fetches that get either a green source for our ramp spells, or fetches that get our primary Jodah colors ().

    Next we have our trilands. I feel like in 5C decks, running all of them is a trap, so I only included ones that add at least two of Jodah's three colors.

    As for our eleven basics, I added two of each so that we can reliably have at least two of a color in the event of a Blood Moon effect, so we can grab them with our spells, and I added the extra Forest for said spells, as they are typically green.

    And our utility lands:

    Homeward Path - So the problem with playing the biggest creatures is that people like to steal them from us. It doesn't always happen, but it does enough to warrant a method of getting them back.

    Volrath's Stronghold - Sometimes, we just want to recast some of our creatures, usually to reap the same benefits they had before they wound up in the bin.

    As I said at the start, I don't want to be completely degenerate, so I'll list some of the cards that may seem like they should be in the deck, but aren't.

    Omniscience - I recognize the power of free spells, but this card just leaves a bad taste in my playgroup and my mouth, so I try to use lesser means to accomplish the same thing.

    Show and Tell - While a 3 mana permanent is sweet, I don't think it is as beneficial as we hope when we want to cast a lot of our spells as well as get our opponents ahead too.

    Hope you enjoy the deck! It has been a blast to play in a variety of games. Feel free to give recommendations if you have any!


    Updates Add

    Vivien's Invocation out -> See the Unwritten in - The invocation was a bit of a weird card that I didn't get to cast as often as I would like. It might make it's way back in if the new add doesn't pan out.

    Zendikar Resurgent and Myojin of Seeing Winds out - Both these cards just felt like they didn't have the impact that I would have liked. Sure, the ramp and card draw are sweet, but I feel like I have enough of both of those in the 99 that these were the slower ones and worth cutting.

    Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip in - I've wanted to add this card for a while, and finally got one. This card just feels good at any point in the game, and when we have so much mana, we can cast and flip him in the same turn late game.

    Urabrask the Hidden in - Wanted that extra haste outlet for when we put multiple creatures in at once.


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