This is a weird combo deck. The main combos are Omniscience + Enter the Infinite and Mind Over Matter + Selvala, Explorer Returned , Arcanis the Omnipotent , Temple Bell , or Azami, Lady of Scrolls . The goal is to tutor for your combos and then, simply, win. Suggestions are welcome


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In Throne of Eldraine, we have a new awesome piece of ramp and fixing: Arcane Signet. It is two mana, and taps for any mana! And it enters the battlefield untapped! What more could one ask for? Also, after testing, I have decided that Cryptic Command is very bad in this deck, because it is 4 mana, and you usually don't have that amount of mana up. I am cutting it for Mystic Remora, which can draw you so many cards.

I am also cutting Explosive Vegetation for Cultivate, as cultivate is one less mana and is only a little bit less powerful.


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