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Jodah and his Toys

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I made this terrible thing

This deck was started on a cold, wintery night. I was looking for a new commander to play. Dominaria had just been released, and Jodah caught my attention. 5 mana for any spell? Count me in! Building should be easy. Just stuff in a bunch of fatties. But I wanted something more exciting. Something special. And that's when I saw it. Grozoth . It was marvelous! Lights were flashing, choirs were singing, and the earth itself started to rumble! What happened next is this deck
Grozoth is the reason this deck was built. If you can get Grozoth into play, you're doing pretty well. The basic play is to have Jodah in play, play Grozoth and get 7 fatties, including Myojin of Life's Web . Next turn you can play Myojin and drop your hand. You can also get In Garruk's Wake  to board wipe. Clone Legion is a great follow-up to this play. You can double up on your own guys, or copy the most threatening player's board state.
Sometimes you just want to try your luck. And with this deck, you can! Unexpected Results is my favourite Magic-card of all time, and there is no better home for it than this deck! Temporal Aperture  is a repeatable version that's slightly more expensive (but also colorless)! Dubius Challenge lives ut to its name. There are a couple of synergies in this deck, namely Brooding Saurian and Homeward Path . You could use it strategically, tutoring for Homeward Path, or you could jam it hoping for the Lizard or Hushbringer + Phage the Untouchable .

Aminatou's Augury  does a similar thing, but is way more expensive without Jodah in play.

There is also Aid from the Cowl , Lurking Predators and Sunbird's Invocation that fall somewhat under this category. They allow you to get additional value from your spells or your opponents trying to interact with you. Planar Bridge  and Wild Pair  are similar, but you actually get to choose what to get.

This deck is running Arcane Adaptation  and Conspiracy . What they're naming will vary depending on the situation. Here are some cards that synergize:

Skyshroud Poacher : Get any creature from your library and put into play. Pretty good. Can also tutor a selection of elves even without adaptation

Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero : Tutor anything and recur them. Pretty good, but you'll usually just get Poacher and name Elf, as his ability is cheaper.

Horde of Notions : Name elemental and recur your creatures. Fertilid is there for ramp and an insane mana-engine with Horde.

The Ur-Dragon : Make your spells cheaper and draw more cards.

Iname as One : Can now mill and recur everything.

This deck is obviously running Reach Through Mists , Peer Through Depths  and Sift Through Sands . They usually won't line up and get The Unspeakable by themselves, but Firemind's Foresight can get the Exodia. Usually you will only have one of them to recur after getting the Unspeakable into play by other means. We're also running Kodama's Reach as an additional target and some fixing. Iname as One 's only target (without Arcane Adaptation ) is The Unspeakable. From the yard he can be fetched by Artisan of Kozilek and Reya Dawnbringer
In some cases, people won't let you keep Jodah on the table, if they can help it. Therefore, having more ways to get your stuff onto the table is probably a good idea. Fist of Suns  is Jodah's granddaddy and works as a backup for when your commander inevitably dies. Elvish Piper  simply dumps a dude onto the table and can be tutored by your elf-engine. Maelstrom Archangel  lets you play anything, if she can get in. Etali, Primal Storm and Brilliant Ultimatum  get slightly expensive, but they can be hard cast in a pinch. If you get board wiped after getting your stuff off, you can always Living Death to get everything back.

It's also possible to simply get enough lands to hard cast your spells, especially with Zendikar Resurgent  in play.

It's not always trivial to have WUBRG on turn 5. We have got a couple of workarounds for this. Prismatic Omen gives you all the colors you need. Joiner Adept  is Omen on a stick and tutorable by your elves. Celestial Dawn  and Chromatic Lantern also do a similar thing. Sometimes a Kodama's Reach  is enough to get you there.

Your other path is through your lands; Maze's End  and Thawing Glaciers can quickly get you the colors you need, and Cascading Cataracts basically lets you pay 6 for anything with Jodah. You're also playing Expedition Map and Sylvan Scrying  to fetch these or any of your other utility lands.

Composite Golem  is good for fixing, but has a lot of utility with Artisan of Kozilek or Reya Dawnbringer .

Conflux is slow, but draws you 5 (five!) cards! Cards of your choice!

Omniscience  is one of the best cards to cast with Jodah. Lets you do insane things.

Dread Cacodemon is good. Really, really good.


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