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Historical Inaccuracies w/ Captain Jhoira (UPDATE)

Commander / EDH* Artifact Competitive Infinite Combo Storm U/R (Izzet)



Welcome to my Jhoira Deck! This is my favorite deck and the one that I have spent the most time on! I hope you enjoy and if you have any comments, please let me know. The deck is in a near competitive place and I would love some suggestions to bring it up that next level. If you enjoy the deck, feel free to give it an upvote!

This deck has been a work in progress for the past 5 months now (As of 11/10/2018). It has gone from a very budget version of Jhoira to a near competitive version. There were a few reasons for this. One being that I loved the deck and all the potential synergies. Two, A friend of mine was also buffing his deck up and I wanted to keep up. And lastly, most of my decks are in the casual range. They are also almost always less than $150. Most of the time under $100 at the time I built them. But I figured there should be one deck that I put effort into. One that can compete with some of the better decks out there. For those reasons, this deck came to be the way it is.
My Captain, oh Captain! What a card. As I am sure you can see, you draw a card whenever you cast a Historic card. Artifacts and Legendaries to an extent are what this deck focuses on. So what happens is I draw a lot of cards each turn (hopefully) and hopefully draw into one of my win cons or a tutor. She is only 4 mana which is very strong and is at the perfect place to be able to play her Turn 2 or Turn 3. By doing that, most of the time you will be able to win shortly after. There are ways to win by Turn 3 or 4. But those are slightly uncommon and should not be counted on as they usually need near perfect hands and good draws. I will go over specifically the combo's of the deck in a section below.
There are many types of combos in the deck. Some that win the game. Others that can win us the game, and some that give us great value or something else beneficial. The following will also include win-cons. These are not always combo based.

1. Filigree Sages , Astral Cornucopia and Jaya's Immolating Inferno :

It is simple but gets the job done. The hardest part is getting the cards needed, and having 12 Mana available at some point in the game to throw into Astral Conrucopia. Everflowing Chalice is a great way of getting some added mana along with any of the mana reducers.These being Chief Engineer in a way, Etherium Sculptor , Foundry Inspector , Herald of Kozilek , Jhoira's Familiar , Jhoira's Familiar , and Semblance Anvil . With these all out, that is 7 less mana that you have to spend, and however many creatures are out, it could even be free! To execute the combo, tap Astral Cornucopia for and then untap it with Filigree Sages . This net's you . With that , you are then able to tap for netting you . You then tap for again getting the extra to give you the extra . You continue this until you get near infinite mana. You can then cast Jaya's Immolating Inferno where is infinite targeting your opponents.

2. Mechanized Production :

I have never had to win using this card. This is something that can be dealt with somewhat easily. If you cast in on something like Sol Ring or maybe Alhammarret's Archive , an opponent will most likely destroy it at some point in those 7 Upkeeps. How we get past this is being tricky. We do that by getting 7 or more Thopters and then casting Mechanized Production on one of those Thopters. Hopefully, that Thopter has Whispersilk Cloak , Swiftfoot Boots , or best case scenario Padeem, Consul of Innovation protecting it. We can get these Thopters rather easily by having Sai, Master Thopterist and/or Efficient Construction out. I usually use it on a Mana Rock most of the time. It being on Thran Dynamo can give you a lot of mana each turn. Or even better, Astral Cornucopia or Everflowing Chalice .

3. Psychic Corrosion :

Another card that I have not won with yet. But it is pretty simple to get done if needed. Play this card, then do what Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain does best. Draw cards! Most likely all you will need to do is draw 40 - 50 cards to mill someone out. With Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain , Alhammarret's Archive , Vedalken Archmage , and even Padeem, Consul of Innovation out on the field, it should take almost no time to get that done. Playing 10-15 Artifacts in a turn, which is totally realistic, will win you the game. Even if it does not win you the game, making opponents throw their cards in the graveyard is oppressive for many decks.

4. Aetherflux Reservoir :

For each spell you cast, you gain life for each spell cast that turn. So you get 1 life for the first spell, 2 for the second, 3 for the third. Etc. Etc. There are a few things that are needed to get this going well. Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain , Alhammarret's Archive , and Vedalken Archmage will draw you the cards you need to keep your hand full of low-cost/free cards like Memnite , Welding Jar , and Paradise Mantle . Reducers like Foundry Inspector and Etherium Sculptor can make many of those artifacts that are not free, free. All of this gets the engine going and will get you the life needed to win. Starting at 40 life with no life lost that turn will get you past the magic number 50 after 5 spells cast in a turn. This is simple to do with all of the previously mentioned low-cost artifacts. What will usually happen is you will cast around 15 spells in a turn then kill everyone but sometimes that is not possible. Golem's Heart , Venser's Journal , and Alhammarret's Archive will give you that added life so when you do cast Aetherflux Reservoir , you could maybe take a couple people out right there.

5. Laboratory Maniac and Leveler :

If you need a quick and dirty win... This is it. Everyone knows that a Laboratory Maniac on the field will almost always mean a player is about to win that turn or the following one. The optimal setup for this win is to have Jhoira out, play Laboratory Maniac , cast Leveler , Draw from Jhoira, exile the library, then play any Historic card. Boom. You win. It is suggested that you have a Whispersilk Cloak or a Swiftfoot Boots on Laboratory Maniac . Or make sure that your opponents do not have enough mana to destroy Laboratory Maniac . This win-con is tied with Aetherflux Reservoir for you most likely way of winning.

6. Mycosynth Lattice and Rebuild / Hurkyl's Recall :

This disgusting combo is overwhelming and can make people scoop. Mycosynth Lattice makes everything an artifact. Rebuild makes it so that all artifacts are returned to their owner's hands. So everything goes back to everyone's hands. This includes lands. So what you do is tap all of your mana to float it during your turn. Then cast Rebuild . Use the floated mana to cast all of your things again. Since this deck has so many rocks, no hand limits, etc., this should mean that you are able to come back significantly faster than your opponents. And if you do not want to bring your stuff back, maybe try Hurkyl's Recall exiled on Isochron Scepter . This will mean each turn you can set someone back from the start. And if you have Paradox Engine out and some mana rocks, you will be able to do this to the point where no one can have more than 1 land out on the field. This is how you make people scoop. During this time, you are able to build up and finish people off with ease. The most overwhelming way to win in the deck. And the most oppressive if you can make it work.

7. Creature Damage Based:

Though it is unlikely to happen, it is possible. Psychosis Crawler can become rather large depending on hand size. And that hand can become pretty large from all the drawing that we do. Keeping that hand is easy when we have multiple cards that assist in doing so. Library of Leng , Spellbook , and Reliquary Tower make this pretty trivial. With Library of Leng giving us the added bonus against discard themed decks. Reckless Fireweaver Also has the same ability as Psychosis Crawler where it deals damage when we do something like play an Artifact or draw a card. This is a very synergistic combo as usually the card that is drawn is an Artifact. Creature damage is also possible with cards like Sai, Master Thopterist and Efficient Construction making Thopters and Metalwork Colossus just being a big boi. I almost never play it as I usually exile it to Semblance Anvil . But it is still a potentially free 10/10 that can keep returning to the battlefield. And though I never expect it to happen... Jhoira with Whispersilk Cloak on could sooner or later kill someone. Which is the most depressing way to win with this deck but hey. A win is a win.

Mana Rocks:

These run the deck. These are what make it so that Jhoira can be cast Turn 2. By playing Turn 1 Land, Sol Ring then a Turn 2 Land you can then cast Jhoira and start your engine. These are also untapped by Paradox Engine ... Which can create near infinite mana

Paradox Engine :

This card... You should see how strong this card is from above. Tap all your artifacts for mana. Get that mana. Cast your card and float the leftover. Untap your rocks. Float. Cast. Untap. Float. Cast. Do this with Darksteel Ingot , Thran Dynamo , Ur-Golem's Eye , Paradise Mantle on a creature, Astral Cornucopia , and all the others and you will have a net positive of who knows how much mana. With this, you can cast Jaya's Immolating Inferno , more spells, or just have enough mana so that you can cast enough spell to kill everyone with Aetherflux Reservoir . This is one of the best cards in the deck and the target of most of my tutors.


Use Reshape , Fabricate , Whir of Invention , Saheeli Rai , and Inventors' Fair wisely. If you have mana rocks on the field, then get Paradox Engine . If you need that extra card draw to get you going, get Alhammarret's Archive . Maybe you need to win? Aetherflux Reservoir will do that and give you however much life as you cast spell that turn when you cast your next spell. We also have Muddle the Mixture , Trophy Mage , Trinket Mage . These give us some great cards. Muddle the Mixture can give us some great situational cards like Swiftfoot Boots , Myr Retriever if you need something from the graveyard, and Isochron Scepter if you need to use Dramatic Reversal (This card will be replaced with Boomerang . Right now it is just in here for redundancy for Paradox Engine ).

There are a few really good cards that I currently (11/10/2018) have in the Maybeboard. These are cards that I am still considering for the deck. Those that were recommended before are either in the deck or out of the board as I did not see them working well with the deck. The current cards that I am planning on getting are:

Mana Severance :

This card will fix many of my problems. And those are almost always due to me drawing mana and not another Historic card. Lands are mostly useless after I have a way to get at least a few of each colored mana. and are the most that I will need of a colored mana for a card. Those cards being Whir of Invention and Jaya's Immolating Inferno . After that, all basic lands are mostly useless and most of the others are as well. This card will make it so that I can deal with lackluster land drops. There is the chance of land destruction happening and all of my rocks being bounced or destroyed. But that is a risk I am willing to take as most people do not play land destruction.

Boomerang :

This card is just straight up dirty with Isochron Scepter . Get something like a Sol Ring out and Paradox Engine and you can bounce everything. Including lands. Which is just disgusting. At that point, you win the game as no one can play anything as you can just bounce the land immediately. It is a rude way of winning. But as I have said before... A win is a win.

The rest are all good cards that would work in the deck. I am either unsure if they would be better than what is in there now, do not want to spend the money on the cards, or I am in the process of buying them.


Updates Add

After playing Jhoira for the past few months, I realized that she is my favorite deck by far. The planning, the card draw, the risks. I love them. I then decided that it was time to upgrade the deck. Usually, I never get to this point. I usually make a bunch of decent decks and just keep playing new ones like that. So I figured that if there was ever a deck to upgrade finally, it was this one. So I added a few cards that buffed the deck to unbelievable amounts. The deck can win on turn 3 with the perfect hand. It can also be a deck where you just chill and draw cards until you decide to win.



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