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Historical Inaccuracies w/ Captain Jhoira

Commander / EDH* Affinity Artifact Budget Storm U/R (Izzet)



The deck is currently in a place that I like it. It could use some better tweaks I am sure. But at the moment I am happy with what it can do for the price of the deck. Any suggestions are welcome. I am sure I have checked out many of the cards yet I have not added them to my Maybe Board.

The idea of the deck is to play a bunch of Historic spells. For the most part, this will be done with artifacts. But there are a couple Legendary creatures and Saga's in the deck to help out with that. Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain will be heading this deck. The deck being mostly artifacts of some sort is very strong with her ability of drawing cards for every Historic card cast. Having so many Artifacts it is smart to have a way to cheat on cost for some of them. Some cards that do that are Etherium Sculptor, Foundry Inspector, Jhoira's Familiar,Semblance Anvil in a way, and Helm of Awakening. And cards like Chief Engineer, Metalwork Colossus, Mishra's Self-Replicator, Whir of Invention, and Thoughtcast greatly benifit from us having artifacts in play or being cast. Mishra's Self-Replicator being able to give us an immense army with very little cost.

There are many things that synergize very, very well with this deck. Some nice combos are Mechanized Production and Mirage Mirror targeting a card like Helm of Awakening. Another is having Reckless Fireweaver out with a bunch of artifacts, casting a card like Hurkyl's Recall and re-playing all the artifacts. These are all ways of winning. And there are plenty other like Laboratory Maniac and Leveler. Or get a bunch of life and kill people with Aetherflux Reservoir. You can do this with Venser's Journal and Golem's Heart, though your best bet is casting a bunch of spells each turn with Aetherflux.

Some notes are that the land count is so low because having mana rocks and mana cheating cards make it so you don't need much land. Having artifact lands also makes even more sense since you get the mana and the synergy with the rest of the deck. This deck seems very fun and viable in both a multiplayer setting and a 1v1 setting. I hope people enjoy it if they build it for themselves. And let me know of any suggestions because I would love to add in some lesser known cards that would make the deck better.


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I have been enjoying the deck so I made some improvements that i think will greatly increase the power of the deck. Mainly Darksteel Forge and Mycosynth Lattice. There were a few other additions and subtractions like getting rid of some of the Islands and adding in Mountains. Along with adding a couple of lands, this should really help give me clean first hands and somewhat consistent land drops. Though the deck doesn't need them at a point, you still need at least two of each color in case of a board wipe. Some other additions are more as a test to see what I can do with them. Two that come to mind are Psychic Corrosion and Saheeli Rai. I want the new Tezzeret, but I am going with the slightly more budget option of Saheeli. Psychic Corrosion is just a potential win-con and a decent way to just get rid of potential threats.

The deck is still somewhat budget in my opinion. I try to keep my decks around $100 and that is what I consider being budget. But up to $150 is also in a decent budget range. This deck has won at FNM, though still in a casual setting. If you enjoy drawing cards and having turns where you pop off and win out of no where. This deck might be something you want to try. I will not say that it is the strongest deck. But it is fun and can win you a game or two.


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