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Jhoira, The combo Captain cEDH

Commander / EDH UR (Izzet)


Jank Mk1. of this deck built with cards that I have. Entering into a commander tournament, and am trying to tune this as best I can. This deck runs an infinite KCI draw/mana loop as well as a infinite mana isochron/Dramatic reversal combo. I dump this large mana into spells like Blue Sun's Zenith, Hangarback Walker, Memnarch, Expansion/Explosion (Explosion usually), and Jaya's immolating inferno to take out my opponents. I also run a butt-tonne of mana-rocks with mana reduction spells to chain together a bunch of mana, and can possibly float enough with paradox Engine to get the job done as well. I only run 30 lands as a result and plenty of ways to reduce my land count so as to make sure I can really draw into spells with Jhoira. Speaking of chaining spells;

I also have the storm/combo effect of Aetherflux Reservoir with mana reduction spells and my flash mechanics to just chain together spells and zap my opponents for 50.

I have little interaction, but I do have a Red Elemental Blast and Pact of negation to protect my combo if I'm about to go off. Any Tips are appreciated!!


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