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Jhoira of the Ghitu EDH: Suspend to the End

Commander / EDH Aggro Combo Counters Eldrazi Land Destruction UR (Izzet)


This is my first attempt at a Jhoira of the Ghitu deck, and it isn’t very complicated. The deck is mostly composed of fatties that have something of a devastating effect, or high converted mana cost spells that I can cheap out onto the field with Jhoira’s ability.

Jhoira of the Ghitu’s ability is crazy cheap, as is the commander herself, so getting her out early won’t be a problem. After she’s onto the field, you can instantly start dropping out some of the expensive stuff from your hand to assist with some early game chaos. Cards like Jhoira's Timebug, Paradox Haze, and Rift Elemental are very helpful to get out early, since they decrease the time it takes to get a creature onto the field from Jhoira’s ability.

There are a few cards in the deck to assist with locking down the opponents’ boards such as Void Winnower and Stormtide Leviathan. Both of these add to the fun by making the lives of your opponents much more difficult. The deck has some minor card draw tactics in it, since it’s entirely possible to empty out your hand with Jhoira of the Ghitu’s ability. Arcanis the Omnipotent, Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius all help with card draw.

As for defensive measures in the deck, I wanted to throw in things that would really ruin your opponents’ day. Apocalypse, Jokulhaups, Decree of Annihilation, and Obliterate are some of the board wipes in the deck. Jhoira of the Ghitu’s ability turns these board wipes into pretty sweet doomsday clocks whenever you’ve got one suspended. Also in the deck are a few means to steal creatures, in case there are several pesky ones that won’t go away. Dominus of Fealty lets you get one a turn, while Insurrection handily steals them all at once. Blatant Thievery is also in there, in case there’s still something else that someone has that you want.

A secondary defensive measure in the deck are the few cards devoted to taking more turns. These cards won’t be game winners themselves, (unless you’ve got some big creatures out that you’ll be swinging with) but they do assist in the conquest. Beacon of Tomorrows is the only one that really comes back, since Temporal Trespass and Part the Waterveil get exiled after being used.

The deck is really pretty simple. No insane combos, or tutoring for an answer, or elegant solutions. Only massive creatures that swing for lots of damage, or devastating spells meant to destroy the board state of everyone. Use Jhoira of the Ghitu’s ability to get some big creatures onto the field, then swing for lethal in a few turns.


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