This is my original Legacy creation built around Jester's Scepter . This is made entirely for competitive tournament play. There is no easy win, the game continues until I put out and copy enough Jester's Scepter s to remove your deck from the game. So why does it work in legacy? Most legacy decks are built around a combo. After the 3rd Scepter/Copy, typically one part of their combo is under one of your scepter's, essencially creating a board lockdown since you are using an ability to counter their spells so they can't counter it except with Trickbind or Stifle, which not many people use. After many many playtests, It's pretty simple to lockdown the board in a legacy match and aggro decks will typically be shut down by Meekstone and Swords to Plowshares which can come in from the sideboard. I hope that one day this deck will compete with powerful Legacy archetypes in tournaments, so any feedback is extremely appreciated!


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Going to playtest Terminus, it looks fun with Brainstorm :)


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