Hi everyone,

I am playing Jeskai Tempo for two years now, constantly tweaking the deck but always with the same core:
4 Delvers, 4 Snapcasters, 3-4 Geist, 8-10 burn spells, 20-21 lands
I am quite succesful with this deck (MKM Hamburg 6-2-1, constant 75% win rate on MTGO, several 4-0 at FNMs) and I want to share my current version to encourage more players to give this fun, interactive and competitive deck a try.

Lands (21)
8 fetchlands, 6 fetchable lands, Eiganjo for Geist, Stronghold for longer matches. If you get to six lands in play with Stronghold there are no dead top decks anymore since a Geist can attack on the turn you draw it for 8 for example. This land has won me many, many games (and only cost me very few).

Instants/Sorceries (22)
22 enablers for Delver is enough in my experience, especially if you combine them with 4x SVs and Azcanta. Spell Pierces & Mana Tithe protect Delvers and catch everything nasty (turn 2 Chalice/Blood Moon, PWs...).

Enchantment (1)
Search also gives the deck a much better endgame and if you stack the triggers right it even helps flipping Delvers. Flipped it finds burn or Gideon to end the game.

Creatures (14)
Lavamancer against mana dudes and creature heavy deck (Humans, Elves, Affinity).
I added the 2 Figures after a list Jeskai Tempo list with them placed 3rd at GP Hong Kong (900 players). On paper it looks bad I wanted to test it and as it turns out it's really good thanks to its scalability.
I don't expect Delver to win. If the opponent has no removal and/or I have a 2 Delver starting hand and they go all the way--fine! But usually Delver is just there to distract my opponent and to force him to react rather than pursuing his own plan or develop his board presence. The card that actually kills my opponent is Geist (or burn+Snappy or a combination of all three).

Planeswalker (2)
Makes possible Geist blockers useless, attacks for 4 with CMC3, survives sweepers that kill Geist and keeps pressuring the opponent, buys time when needed--completely awesome in every way. Also, 16 threats are the right amount from my experience.

Sideboard (15)
Cheap disruption: 1 Ceremonious Rejection, 1 Dispel, 1 Spell Snare, 1 Disdainful Stroke & 1 Vendilion Clique to become a more controlling deck.
A package against artifact decks: 2 Stony Silence, 1 Wear // Tear (I also board C. Rejection against them and I also board in Stony Silences against Tron and Ad Nauseum).
1 Celestial Purge against red and black creatures and Planeswalkers and against Blood Moon, 1 Damping Sphere also against Tron and against Storm decks,
2 Rest in Peace against Dredge, Mardu Pyro, Bridgevine, Storm, Living End, Hardened Scales and Abzan decks Souls & Goyfs (I usually board out 1 Snapcaster),
1 Sulfur Elemental and 1 Anger of the Gods against decks that go wide. Sulfur is awesome against Lingering Souls and good against Control Decks. 1 Deflecting Palm as a pet card against anything that uses creatures with 4 or more power.

The deck has a very aggressive gameplan:
Pressure the opponent's life total early with Delver and burn, finish him with Geist. Once Geist is in play, stall the opponent with counter spells and kill every possible blocker with burn and removal.

I asked Jim Davis to play a league with my deck (older version / 2nd picture) for a donation and here it is:
Jim playing a competitive league with my deck

I am glad Jim went 4-1 and I think he played the deck well for not knowing it. It was very nice watching a pro player playing my deck.

If you want to see more of my deck in action, I recorded a match I played recently against GR Eldrazi: Game 1 my opponent destroyed me because I had no answer to his Hierarchs. This is exactly why I am playing Forked Bolt as my bolt no.5!
Game 1
Game 2 was a risky keep but thanks to my cantrips I could find enough lands and tempo him out. I love how he looks at my hand with his turn 4 TKS and realizes he's already dead Smile
Game 2
Game 3 shows that Search never is a bad card and why a full Geist playset + Slip is so good in this deck!
Game 3

One last tip: If you want to build a prowess or Delver based Jeskai deck be sure to check out this thread on MTGSalvation :)


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