Having Teshar, Ancestor’s Apostle and Restoration Specialist in the battlefield opens a lot of possibilities for infinite combos with Mox Amber.

What you need is 2 Mox Amber or 1 Mox Amber + 1 Ravenous Intruder to have infinite triggers of:

  • Artifact being cast and entering the battlefield, Mox Amber.

  • Creature entering the battlefield, Restoration Specialist.

  • And both of them going to the graveyard too.

This, combined with other cards gives us some nice synergies:

  1. Ravenous Intruder hits for infinite damage.

  2. Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain gives us as much draw as we want.

  3. Reckless Fireweaver = win.

If you find any other nice combo I would be glad to hear from you!

Any comments on the list are welcomed :)


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