Welcome to the League of Extraturns today with. Chance for Glory + Tale's End . Combo.

How it work

Well its easy...cast Chance for Glory . Your current creatures are indestructible and u take an extraturn. At the beginning of this extraturns endstep this trigger comes on the stack. If you play Tale's End you can counter the trigger and you dont lose the game.

Is it worth?

Sure! Its a little risk vs control player but Teferi, Time Raveler helps you a lot :). Benefits are the extraturn AND your creatures are still indestructible.

How often you can play it?

With diffrents Spells and creaturs you can return Tale's End from the grave to your hand so you can repeat this process if you cast the next Chance for Glory .

Other stuff

good other combos are Dreadhorde Arcanist + Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice . At the beginning of your attackstep you can give Dreadhorde Arcanist +2/0 and so you can cast.. TADA a 3 mana spell like Chance for Glory .

Whats your oppinion? Idc if I have to many return spells. Have fun :)


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