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Molten Matriarch - Jaya, Oathbreaker

Oathbreaker* Mono-Red Storm




I once ran a mono-red Neheb deck for EDH. It was easily one of my favorites, but I often wished it could've been condensed and a bit more consistent. Enter Jaya. This deck is meant to be a fast, powerful deck that slings around instants and sorcery spells like nobody's flippin' business.

  • You like to watch explosions.

  • You see fire as a solution to more problems than you'd care to admit.

  • You don't mind storming off on your friends.

  • You embrace the full .

  • You saw Pyroblast in the decklist and thought it was a personal attack.

  • You have more sense than loyalty. Cowards.

  • You prefer not to waste the table's time calculating Storm trajectory.

finale of promise

Opening Strong

A keepable opening hand will usually consist of one or two really low drop pieces or two lands and a ritual. From here, our primary focus is getting Jaya into play as fast as possible.

Finishing Stronger

From here, the deck basically plays itself. Dump excess mana and unusable spells with Jaya's second +1 while also keeping your hand refreshed or start going off with whichever available instant/sorcery spells in your arsenal.



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