Love the new spoiled Golgari tribe leader, love EDH. Therefore new EDH deck for the win!! :-)

Basic idea is obvious....abuse jarads life leech ability by saccing creatures. So i plan to mana ramp and protect jarad with artifacts. Sac outlets added to abuse creatures like Savra, Queen of the Golgari and Butcher of Malakir and Grave Pact too creating a few nice interactions in the deck. There is some generic 'good stuff' black and green creatures for if my general in incapacitated.

Most of my destruction is planned to be done through creatures maximising the size of Jarad and the volume of creatures that will be available to sack to to reanimate. I am just struggling to trim the last few cards down, hoping somebody can help with that!:-)

any thoughts would be great :-)

sideboard is cards I am considering adding and the maybeboard is cards I am considering removing, any input much apreciated on both! :-)

special mention to ameuser for putting lots of effort in to helping me streamline this deck and get rid of rubbish to make it more efficient :-)


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After playing this IRL i realised that the land was as epic as I had hope and I was dropping quite a few each turn or in other turns and i never went short for land, only problem was it was mainly colourless or black due to Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. For this reason i reduced the swamp count, increased the forest count and added Prismatic Omen and Chromatic Lantern which i sadly cannot use yet haha! :-) i need this mainly for my general who can be really abused with the amount of available mana in the deck. I also ordered Azusa, Lost but Seeking as I could not just depend on Oracle of Mul Daya and to be fair to the deck my Exploration has not arrived yet either, so hopefully when this gets played again it will drop many lands each turn and keep me in the right colour blend to play more efficiently


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