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Jalira, polymorphing... lands? (Need rework)

Commander / EDH Budget Mono-Blue Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick



Goal : Polymorph token, creatures and opponent creautes with Jalira, Master Polymorphist , get big creatures on board.

Here are the cards that you want to activate Jalira ability. You sacrifice small creatures, token, opponent creatures or even your own lands to get your good stuff on board.

Token engine to sacrifice with Jalira.

You get them with Jalira. They are good to sacrifice again or give token to sacrifice.

It's fun to just steal the stuff of your opponent. You use it as much as possible and before to give it back, just sacrifice it to get your big guys on board.

In early game, you need your land, but the manacurve is quite low, so you can sacrifice them to get all the big stuff out after some turns. Also, you have manarocks to get faster to the point that you don't need much lands anymore. You can get your lands back with Crucible of Worlds(5DN) that can also be tutor with Trophy Mage . Chronatog Totem and Guardian Idol work the same here.

Draw is not the essential mechanic in this deck. As long as you can play Jalira and sacrifice stuff, you're good. Also, you don't want to draw your big creatures, you want to play them with Jalira. To avoid that, there's Brainstorm and See Beyond that make you draw and replace cards in your library. You can use Jalira ability just after Brainstorm to get it on board for free.

Since the deck is made to get big stuff on play, you can abuse that. Making tokens of those creatures, activating Jalira multiple times per turn, making stuff unblockable. Those are some fun idea for the deck.

I already had some great cards for that deck, but it's possible to make it more budget friendly. Cyclonic Rift , Mana Drain , Solemn Simulacrum , and Reliquary Tower are not really core to the strategy, so can be cut easily. Crucible of Worlds is more important, due to the lands that are sacrificed often. You still can go another directions, instead of getting those lands, it's possible to get more token generator, or small creatures that gives you other advantages. Without those cards, the deck is around 60$, which is not expensive. If it happens that you got those cards or other non-budget cards, you can include them easily in it.

Springjack Pasture , Chasm Skulker , Mystical Tutor , Caged Sun , Illusionist's Bracers , Vedalken Shackles , Sensei's Divining Top , Training Grounds . Minamo, School at Water's Edge , Mutavault are good non-budget options for this deck.

Feel free to make suggestion, feedback and/or (+1). Thx


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