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Jace's & Teferi's Miracle Show

Modern Budget Competitive Control WU (Azorius)


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Well this Friday was interesting.


MATCH 1 : Grixis - Death Shadow MATCH 2 : Grixis - Death Shadow MATCH 3 : Classic Jund MATCH 4 : Abzand Value

Match 1 & 2 went the same, they draw insane and I looked like absolute schoolgirl. 1 blue counter target spell is kinda busted :( :( :(

Match 3 was more interesting. Game 1 got discarded to oblivion but managed to climb back with Search & top deck Entreat :) and game 2 was classic I counter whatever you do and win with man-land.

Match 4 was against Abzand value creatures deck like Siege Rhino, Restoration angel etc. Looked like fun but Terminus is busted card against that.

Over all I think the deck is in decent spot but depends on Match-up if your against death shadow and they draw nuts you are kinda f.ucked :D



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