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Jace, Self Milling Master (Oathbreaker)

Oathbreaker Casual Jank Mill Mono-Blue Theme/Gimmick



Threw this together pretty quick as a fun idea for oathbreaker. The strategy is pretty straightforward; draw cards as fast as possible, buy yourself time, and use Jace's passive and/or ulti to win by milling yourself.

I haven't settled on a signature spell yet, I want to play around with a few of the options in the deck to see which seems work best.

This is my first deck I've built on here, and probably the most complete deck I've built in general. Any suggestions would be fantastic, as my card knowledge could definitely use some work.

Side note: the price is a bit more than I planned for it to be, but the 2-3 most expensive cards are by no means required. I just own them already so I put them in for that reason. Keep that in mind if this turns out decent and you're looking to build it on more of a budget.

UPDATE: Added Tunnel Vision for combo potential with scry to drain the library to the just the bottom card. Also swapped Ponder for Preordain as the signature spell to help with this, and to help dig in general.


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