I've been working on this deck for a while, I wanted to make sure it was as good as I could make it because I got the name from my favorite hip-hop album of all time, one I grew up listening to. "Illmatic" by Nas.

It's an Izzet Counter/Burn deck. It can counter anything that needs countered, and burn anything that needs burned. The creatures are low cost, benefit from spells, and can do some real damage when needed.
  • Counterspell is a 2 mana counter spell with no restrictions, auto-include.
  • Mana Leak is the next best thing. I chose it over Counterflux because less colored mana.
  • Lightning Bolt is badass, one of the best burns out there.
  • Lightning Strike is more cheap burn and has one of my favorite artworks.
  • Ponder is just a great draw spell.
  • Preordain is awesome as well..
  • Clout of the Dominus will give my creatures shroud so I won't be wasting spells countering removal. It will also give them +2/+2 and haste, what's not to like?
  • Ral Zarek is one of my favorite Planeswalkers. His +1 is super useful and his -2 is even better. His final effect is just insane! Plus he just looks like he can kick some ass.

Izzet was the first of 10 decks I'm building, 1 for each of the Guilds. The next will be Azorius.

Upvote for the sake of Nas!
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Replaced Blistercoil Weird with Monastery Swiftspear.

Pre-ordered 4x Enigma Drake to replace Spellheart Chimera.

Acquired some Shivan Reef which helps a lot.

Since it is my favorite deck I also replaced all the basics with full-arts. Looks beautiful.

Glory to the Firemind!

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DiscardDecard says... #1

Deck is looking good my friend

April 23, 2017 9:18 p.m.

hardhitta71194 says... #2

DiscardDecard thanks a lot, I appreciate it! It's my absolute favorite deck I own so it gets a lot of love. Hoping one day to step the Shivan Reef up to Spirebluff Canal or Steam Vents.

I can dream anyway. =P

April 23, 2017 9:27 p.m.

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