I've been working on this deck for a while, I wanted to make sure it was as good as I could make it because I got the name from my favorite hip-hop album of all time, one I grew up listening to. "Illmatic" by Nas.

It's an Izzet Counter/Burn deck. It can counter anything that needs countered, and burn anything that needs burned. All the creatures are low cost and benefit from spells.
  • Ral Zarek is one of my favorite Planeswalkers. His +1 helps keep mana open for counters and his -2 adds more burn. His Ult is insane, the only probably being that I have horrible luck. He's also a badass Izzet Mage, like myself. =P

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Replaced Blistercoil Weird with Monastery Swiftspear.

Pre-ordered 4x Enigma Drake to replace Spellheart Chimera.

Acquired some Shivan Reef which helps a lot.

Since it is my favorite deck I also replaced all the basics with full-arts. Looks beautiful.

Glory to the Firemind!

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